Iran charges US national for spying

The Iranian government has charged a US-Iran national for espionage activities. The man who is a businessman in Iran was caught while trying to escape.  

US national arrested on espionage charges

On Tuesday morning, Iran says it arrested an American national for espionage cirrus when attempting to flee the country. A spokesperson for the judiciary Gholamhossein Esmaili didn’t mention the man’s status but said he will soon be released on administrative bail.

Media reports have picked up the news that a US-Iranian business mogul named Shargi Emad has been arrested while trying to flee the country on the western border without papers. This situation could complicate plans for the new administration of President Joe Biden as it starts afresh diplomatic relationship with Iran. Former US president, Mr. Donald Trump had a very negative relationship with Iran, subjecting it to intense pressure with economic sanctions.

The Trump administration wanted to mandate Iranian authorities to renegotiate the 2016 nuclear weapons deal by abandoning them. Iran refused such deals and continued to go against critical commitment. However, President Biden has said he will likely change his stance with Tehran and ease some sanctions if Iran shows some level of compliance. In recent times, Iran has arrested some US-Iran nationals for spying or trading in state secrets.

At a conference on Tuesday, Mr. Emad told the media that the accused could face jail time, but will be released on bail first. He also mentioned that Tehran didn’t believe in dual citizenship, but out of courtesy the defendant has been released.

Defendant has previously been charged by Iran

Earlier in January, a journalist in Iran reported that Mr. Shargi had been arrested when trying to escape illegally. He has previously been jailed for Espionage activities for 9 years but was released before he served his term. A closet friend of the accused said during his last case, he has been summoned to court but convicted without a fair trial.

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