Jobs Redundancy increases among UK young citizens

UK’s youths are experiencing a high unemployment ratio due to lockdown protocols. This has affected sectors such as manufacturing and hospitality.

Young Britons face a high unemployment rate

The number of unemployed youths in Britain has continued to rise, especially between the ages of 24–35 years. These young citizens are out of jobs or got menial jobs they can’t survive on.

In the three months leading to December, UK citizens in that age group had a redundancy ratio of 17% per 12,000 which is about five times increase from the position last year. Unemployment percentages increased to 5.1% from 4.8% as the COVID-19 crises persists in its impact on the job market.

About 1.75 million remain jobless, the Office of National Statistics stated. This figure is the highest in about five years. That figure is 500,000 more than seen in the exact period in 2019.

UK citizens taking any jobs to survive

According to Abigail Ward, 28, she admitted freely that she was naive when seeking a new job.

Abigail was a former store manager in London, however, she was retrenched. The desperation in searching for a new job led her to her present job which is hardly enough to keep her going. After spending about six years in the retail sector, she expected much better offers, and she has tons of experience in the industry.

However, things have taken a hard turn, and she has to make do with whatever she sees till the economy stabilizes.

“Back then, I usually got a new job within two weeks, however, before I could get my current job, it took months” she concluded.

The hospitality sector has been the most hit due to lockdown protocols and restrictions which have thrown many people out of jobs. The industry has lost millions in revenues. However, in the health and communication sector, job vacancies have risen, with about 80,000 new openings in two months.