UK COVID-19 deaths reach 100,000

It has been reported that COVID-19 has killed over 100,000 citizens in the UK. This is the highest fatality rate in Britain for a long time.

Covid-19 claims over 100, 000 Britons

The number of UK citizens who have lost their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic is now up to 100,000. There have been about 105,000 fatalities since the coronavirus pandemic started according to available statistics from healthy officials.

These statistics are based on available death certificates issued for COVID-19 deaths. However, the figures from the government daily which is based on coronavirus positive tests are lower. This follows an increase in positive cases last month which puts Britain has one of the highest death cases worldwide.

The center of national statistics (ONS) and its other centers in Scotland and Ireland registered 7, 800 deaths with COVID-19 written on the certificates. The last year witnessed about three weeks with high death rates of 9, 000 each. However, since May 2021, there hasn’t been such a high case as seen now.

UK aged citizens make up highest Figures

The majority of these deaths witnessed are among the old citizens. This result shows that 80% of these deaths are 75 years and above, and about 60% died in care homes. Chris Hopson, head of NHS providers says the chart figures are “sad and tragic.' “These deaths show stories of grief and sorrow,” He said.

“Aside from the surge in deaths, it is worrying that this virus has continued to spread. It doesn’t respect race, age, or status.”

He said the NHS always paid tributes to all care and health staff who have left their personal lives to take care of people suffering from COVID-19. Also, everyone is trying their best to mitigate the effects of this virus and stop it from spreading among health officials.

Vaccine distribution among the aged and vulnerable has continued, and it will take some time before the effects of these vaccines are noticed.

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