And then what happened paul revere book summary

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and then what happened paul revere book summary

And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? (Scholastic TW)

It points out fun facts and other personal accounts in order to make each reader feel more connected to Revere rather than him solely being a historical figure. Positives:Grabs the attention of younger minds by offering historical information in a fun way. Gives various references about life in that time so students could get a feel for the situation and times. Downfalls:Reads almost like a textbook, so it is easy to put down and forget about. May not retain a student's attention for long. He had 16 children which wasn't out of the ordinary, as well. He was very young when he took over a business, let alone had a job - my first job was when I was
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The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

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Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

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It was first published in the January issue of The Atlantic Monthly. The poem is spoken by the landlord of the Wayside Inn and tells a partly fictionalized story of Paul Revere. In the poem, Revere tells a friend to prepare signal lanterns in the Old North Church North End, Boston to inform him whether the British will attack by land or sea. He would await the signal across the river in Charlestown and be ready to spread the alarm throughout Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The unnamed friend climbs up the steeple and soon sets up two signal lanterns, informing Revere that the British are coming by sea. Revere rides his horse through Medford , Lexington , and Concord to warn the patriots.

This poem describes the action-packed night of April 18, , the famous ride of Paul Revere. It starts in Boston, where Paul and a friend are talking about the British army. They think the soldiers are going to leave Boston that night, but they aren't sure whether they will go by land or sea. Paul has a plan to warn people in the countryside about the British coming, but he needs to know which direction they are taking. So the two men agree on a secret code: Paul's friend will signal him by hanging one lantern in the church belfry the tall tower in a church where the bells are hung if the British are marching out on land, two lanterns if they are leaving in boats. After agreeing on this plan, Paul rows across the river and waits for the signal. Paul's buddy in Boston snoops around and finds out that the British are going with the boats.

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