The leopard and the mouse book

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the leopard and the mouse book

The Leopard and The Mouse - Marilyn Briant - Google Books

Imagine for a moment that you are a very hungry mouse and you happen to find some food. Having just put a small piece of meat into your mouth, you are suddenly staring at the front legs of a giant creature. This is the situation in which Thomas finds himself one sunny day. He has every reason to be fearful, but this is a mouse who feels he can trust his inner knowing. This is a mouse who believes he will find all that he needs.
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Leopard gets her first mouse

The Leopard and the Mouse by Marilyn Briant

It's not so much snatching victory from the jaws of defeat as dinner from the jaws of danger. But even the imposing presence of an adult leopard at feeding time is not enough to get between plucky young Rattus Norvegicus better known as the brown rat and a free meal. This extraordinary series of images were captured by photography student Casey Gutteridge, as he trained his camera on the leopard for a course project. Excuse me? A perturbed Sheena the leopard looks on as a cheeky mouse nibbles her food at the Santago Rare Leopard Project in Hertfordshire The little rat - thought to be only two to three months old - was spotted scampering into the leopard's enclosure shortly after feeding time at the Santago Rare Leopard Project, in Hertfordshire.

Snow leopards dare to live where icy gales would freeze a human's blood in minutes. Their bodies are adapted to survive and thrive in an icy wilderness of breathtaking beauty and great danger. Until recently, no one had photographed a snow leopard in the wild. The first ever close-up pictures taken by humans were made by program Planet Earth , although very few people have had the privilege of seeing a snow leopard in its native habitat, much less taking its picture. The snow leopards seem to like it that way -- they avoid humans with amazing skill.

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The Lion and the Mouse

KART is committed to promoting and implementing children's literacy programs and services To be honest, I didn't write The Leopard and the Mouse with the desire to become a rich and famous author although that would be nice! I wrote this beautifully illustrated book because all stories carry with them the power to affect lives. In a way the book wrote itself. It came from my beliefs that kindness, sharing and helping others, feels good.

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