Logic and functional programming books

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logic and functional programming books

Functional programming books overview

After a long time learning and working with object-oriented programming, I took a step back to think about system complexity. Doing some research, I found functional programming concepts like immutability and pure function. Those concepts are big advantages to build side-effect-free functions, so it is easier to maintain systems — with some other benefits. In this post, I will tell you more about functional programming, and some important concepts, with a lot of code examples. This article uses Clojure as a programming language example to explain Functional Programming. Take a look: Functional Programming Principles in Javascript.
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Functional Programming for Beginners

Functional Programming

Skip to main content Functional Programming. Functional Programming in Scala. In Stock. I use Scala professionally, but recreationally I program in OCaml. I've studied OCaml and Haskell in some depth, and dabbled in even stranger languages like Concurrent Clean and Mercury. So I'm reasonably familiar with the functional programming literature. This is by way of background for the extravagant claim I'm going to make: "Functional Programming in Scala" is the best book on functional programming yet written, regardless of language.

Unfortunately, I don't have time anymore to update this list, the last additions were about 2 years ago The first variant of this article was published in the first issue of Russian magazine " Practice of functional programming ", but I decided to continue to maintain it, as more books were released Russian version of this article also includes description of books published in Russian. You can leave comments and suggestions in the comment widget on this page, or send them to me via e-mail Updates to this page usually happening not so often — every months. Descriptions for the books are relatively short — just to give an overview of the book's topics, otherwise this article will become too big. For some of books there are more detailed reviews published in my blog. You can also follow my reviews on Goodreads. If you will order some of these books, please if possible , use links from this page — this allows me to buy new books and add them to review.

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A style of programming that emphasizes the evaluation of expressions, rather than execution of commands. The expressions in these language are formed by using functions to combine basic values. A Gentle Introduction to Haskell. Applicative Programming and Specification. Computational Semantics and Type Theory.

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