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Conscience Canada | The Saint and the Sultan by Paul Moses – BOOK REVIEW

The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi took his peacemaking efforts right up to a political and international level until I read this book. Paul Moses, a New York journalist, editor and professor, did a thorough piece of research to find out as much as possible about an intriguing event of the 13th century. During the Fifth Crusade in the Crusaders aimed at capturing the city of Damietta in the Nile Delta as a start to the capture of Egypt. Francis felt called to try to avert the impending violence by meeting personally with the Sultan of Egypt, Malik al-Kamid, a nephew of Saladdin. The Sultan granted Francis his request and listened respectfully as Frances preached his message. He treated the two brothers as honoured guests for several days, and even permitted them to preach to the Muslim soldiers.
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Prince Among Slaves

Praise. “The story of these two men—Francis and the sultan—is told engagingly in this well-researched, timely and fascinating book by Paul Moses.

The Saint and the Sultan by Paul Moses – BOOK REVIEW

The basic story is well-established in the biography of Saint Francis of Assisi — how at the height of the Crusades, he ventured into enemy territory to meet with the Sultan and to preach to him. Some suggest that Francis was seeking martyrdom, though the prevailing thought takes the saint at his word: he wanted to end the wars and felt that converting the Muslims to Christianity was better than trying to kill them all. Beyond that basic summary, the details of the story can vary widely depending on who is telling it. In The Saint and the Sultan , Paul Moses delves deep into the history behind the incident, to try and get at the truth behind the spin. Throughout his lifetime Francis played the role of conscience to the Institutional Catholic Church.

Look Inside Reading Guide. Reading Guide. Sep 29, ISBN An intriguing examination of the extraordinary—and little known meeting between St. For many of us, St. Francis of Assisi is known as a poor monk and a lover of animals. However, these images are sadly incomplete, because they ignore an equally important and more challenging aspect of his life — his unwavering commitment to seeking peace.


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