Svs prime bookshelf vs satellite

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svs prime bookshelf vs satellite

Bookshelf Speaker Reviews: SVS Prime Satellite Speaker System Reviewed

When putting together a home theater, many us of tend to get passionate about the minimum number of speakers we want. But where things are a little less predefined is the area of size. This is especially true when it comes to the mains. Will it be satellites, bookshelf speakers, or towers? With a sizable left and right channel, it only makes sense to have a corresponding center, which in this case is the hefty Prime Center. Even with their proud subwoofer reputation, SVS appears to be even more proud of their 1" aluminum tweeter design. This tweeter is featured in the both the Prime Bookshelf and Prime Center, and along with the crossover design, it's a big reason why SVS speakers are able to be airy without being diffuse.
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Published 26.12.2018

SVS Ultra Bookshelf VS Prime Tower Speakers (What's most important to you? Bi-Amp?)

I currently have a SVS Prime system (Satellites + SB) in my living room and I really like how the sounds seem defined compared to all.

SVS Prime Bookshelf Review

Good-sounding small speakers no longer impress me. I was already plenty familiar with SVS, the heartland-based direct-to-consumer speaker house that got its start in subwoofers. SVS packages all this together as the Prime Satellite 5. With free shipping. And a day equally free-shipped return privilege.

We created this page to help you compare the two speaker lines so you can make the best decision possible when building your home theater or audio system. This means you can seamlessly mix any speakers between the two lines, with any SVS subwoofers to create your ideal 5. Regardless of price or form factor, all SVS speakers are crafted in the same painstaking manner. The approach brings together exacting science with a passionate expression of acoustic philosophy, and the love of pure, dynamically charged sound. Before a model is ever built, drivers and cabinets are modeled using the most sophisticated computer-aided design CAD and Finite Element Analysis FEA tools and processes available. Prototypes are constructed and rigorously measured and optimized in an anechoic chamber, free of reverberations, with various acoustic test and measurement systems to achieve pitch-perfect frequency response.

AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember. Old , PM - Thread Starter. SVS Prime 2. I currently have a SVS Prime 2. Now, I want to add another 2.

Desktop Listening Notes:

Back before most speaker manufactures had measurement microphones they would put drivers in massive boxes with the sole intention of rocking your face off. These speaker were mid bass punchy, loud as hell and defined home theater dreams before surround sound was even in theaters., Such is the paradox. Typically in this price point manufacturers sacrifice internal cabinet bracing, driver quality and crossover design and componentry.

With all speakers firing, the sound on the SVS system was surprisingly large. Closing my eyes, I could not hear the telltale signs of sound coming from small speakers. In fact, the soundfield was amazingly even throughout the room. I actually got up walked around and sat in different seating positions to test this. On "Bohemian Rhapsody", the a capella vocals sounded holographic. Freddie Mercury's lead-ins and solos in between the band harmony segments were stunning.



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