How to do double entry bookkeeping in excel

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Accounting Templates | Double Entry Bookkeeping

Sometimes life forces you to use spreadsheets. But there are ways to make the process easier. Enter your transactions into this Excel template, and voila! You get a ready-made Income Statement. Excel and its simpler, online cousin Google Sheets is adaptable.
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Published 26.12.2018

Double entry bookkeeping - a working example

How to Create a Bookkeeping System in Excel

Double entry bookkeeping is where the value from every business transaction is entered twice into the system. Learn the principles behind this system and your confidence will grow in leaps and bounds whether keeping the books manually or using software! Understanding double entry bookkeeping will also help you get a better grasp of how Balance Sheets work. One document example would be a sales invoice. A business activity is the selling, buying, borrowing or loan of items, cash, goods or services.

Single-entry bookkeeping in Excel

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This article will focus on the single-entry method of bookkeeping. The transactions you enter are used to generate an income statement , which summarizes your income and expenses for a specific period of time usually a month. That way, you can understand how your business is making or losing money. A quick aside about double-entry : The double-entry method of bookkeeping is standard for larger, more complex businesses. Not everyone is confident in their Excel skills and you might not have the time to build bookkeeping sheets from scratch.

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