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stop worrying and go to sleep book

What Really Works When You're Too Anxious To Fall Asleep | HuffPost Life

Can't sleep? It's better to think "I might be a bit tired tomorrow, but I'll cope" than panic about it. Being awake at an ungodly hour, your mind a tangle of anxious thoughts, is a wretched experience. Whether you're thinking about work or family worries, the events of the day, or tasks you face tomorrow, it tends to kill off the chance of sleep. It's a common problem, with "thoughts" second only to "needing to go to the toilet" in the list of sleep disrupters identified by the 20, people who completed the ABC's Sleep Snapshot survey a few weeks ago.
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Published 18.12.2018

How To Stop Worrying & End Insomnia

The more chaotic the political news cycle, the more often I find myself having trouble falling asleep — and sometimes, worrying myself awake in the middle of the night.

What to Do When Worrying Keeps You Awake

Our brains have this annoying tendency to ruminate on worst-case scenarios and other negative reflections at night -- and all that worry is seriously disrupting our ability to fall asleep. The good news is that since anxiety is often triggered by our own thinking, we also have the ability to think our way to better sleep, Orma says. Below are some tips to help you banish that anxiety so you can drift off to dreamland faster -- no sleeping pill required. Dissecting the source of your anxiety is the first important step to banishing it, Orma says. If you're suffering from insomnia, you're likely feeling anxious about sleep; if you're suffering from general anxiety, you're likely unable to drift off because your thoughts are preoccupied with other stressors. As a result, people start subconsciously associating being in bed with being awake.

Insomnia can become a vicious self-perpetuating cycle. The more tormented sleepless nights you have, the more you come to dread going to bed, and the harder falling asleep becomes. The cruel thing is, the more you worry, the less you sleep—and the less you sleep, the more you worry. Sign up for Coping , Tonic's weekly newsletter about anxiety, depression, and dealing with it all. We asked experts how to push away those anxiety-inducing thoughts that have a way of becoming self-fulfilling prophecies. It might seem counterintuitive, but there comes a point where trying to sleep actually hurts your chances of sleeping. Going to bed early will probably just mean more hours of inner turmoil, since your body gets used to falling asleep and waking up at specific times.


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  1. Remember getting a good night's sleep is all about establishing a routine and finding the time to listen to your body.

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