Jesus and the law of attraction book

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jesus and the law of attraction book

Jesus Versus The Secret: A Christian’s Guide to the Law of Attraction |

Byrne and many other New Age and positive thinking motivational gurus claim that we can actually create what we want simply by thinking it and asking for it. It is controversial in the science world because their hypothesis defies current understanding of scientific principles. They do however, have an amazing amount of testimonies that it does work. If you are a Christian and you are practicing the Law of Attraction or you know someone who is, please consider what I have to say. If you are not a Christian and you practice this, then please do not take this as I am judging you. The way I look at it is that, if you are seeking the truth, eventually you will stumble upon God who can offer an incredible amount of fulfillment, peace and joy to your life. Hopefully I will help shed some light on the subject and bring it into perspective.
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HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible That Explain Manifestation, Consciousness & Oneness (POWERFUL Info!)

Love everything around you, and the love MUST come back to you - a hundred fold!

8 Bible Verses Related to the Law of Attraction

At the time of this writing, The Secret is the 8 best-selling book on Amazon. The secret within The Secret is the Law of Attraction, described in the book as follows:. You are a human transmission tower, and you are more powerful than any television tower created on earth. You are the most powerful transmission tower in the Universe. Your transmission creates your life and it creates the world.

How the teachings of the Bible are related to the Law of Attraction is an important question. Many people want you to believe that the Law of Attraction is evil because it is focused on materialism. In fact, Jesus taught the Law of Attraction even though he never called it that. If you look closely to see how the teachings of the Bible are related to the Law of Attraction, you find that the Bible is actually a guide to the Law of Attraction. Let us explain…. So what is the Bible telling us here? When you pray to God, askHim for whatever you want.

The other day I got an email from someone that asked me if God or the universe plays favorites because there's a passage in the Bible that I'm sure you've heard before. This is a quote about Jesus and the Law of Attraction. It's one of the most popular in the whole Bible. It says that to the person that has more will be given. To those who have not to, those that don't have even that which they have is going to be taken away. And the person asked me the about that quote and they said, well, you know, that doesn't make any sense. I'm struggling.

Jesus and the law of attraction

There are many people who believe that proponents of the Law of Attraction are wooing people towards materialism. I believe Jesus by far was a very authentic teacher of the law of attraction, though he never really used that term directly. If you read the bible you will find many indirect references to the law of attraction, and some very direct ones. In this article we will look at many contexts in which the principles of the law of attraction are found in the teachings of the Bible. By saying this, Jesus wants to plant in his followers, the seeds of self-belief. When we pursue a goal with almost sincerity and believe in our heart that we are deserving of it and that we are going to receive it, we are bound to realize it. There is no other outcome that is possible.

Michael L. This phrase uses the idea of opposite ends of magnets being attracted to each other through magnetism. However, there is a spiritual idea in some circles called the Law of Attraction. While the term Law of Attraction was originally used in the late s and promoted in psychological and spiritual circles, it gained popularity when it was promoted in the film, The Secret , by Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Larry King 1. While people debate the validity of the Law of Attraction, one thing is clear, the idea of having special mental powers is not new. The Bible makes reference to this as follows:.

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  1. In his bestselling book, Jesus and the Law of Attraction: The Bible-Based Guide to Creating Perfect Health, Wealth, and Happiness Following Christ's Simple.

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