Electronic acquisition and disposition book

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electronic acquisition and disposition book

Get unparalleled accuracy and speed, quickly and accurately keeping your book while eliminating wasted time and energy. Easy Bound Book Pro gives you control over your bound book and related paperwork like nothing else can. Conduct your own mock audits quickly to eliminate book to inventory discrepancies. Easy Bound Book Pro maintains shipping manifests, UPC, product barcodes, easy conversion of one firearm to another and more. Tame your bound book nightmare and sleep well at night.
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Published 21.12.2018

Easy Bound Book Integrated A&D Book

Different Types of FFL Bound Books; Pros and Cons of Firearm What are Acquisition & Disposition (A&D) records? using electronic software for your A&D records can save a lot of time and allow for more accurate records.

Best FFL Software for A&D Records

All other records and forms are automated through the retail sales process. See video demonstration. Allows owners and managers to review activity of any user on the account as well as restrict access to certain features for non-management employees. Places NFA items in a reserved status which does not allow them to be disposed or placed on multiple forms until a tax stamp is approved, automates the Form 2, 3 and 4. Sign any signature line on ATF forms in your browser, for example, Fields 14, 22 and 34 on the , no signature pad or signature device needed. An add-on for Pawn Brokers that allows acquisitions and dispositions to be associated with pawn ticket numbers and inventory locations within a pawn shop.

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The Gun Control Act of requires FFLs to keep and maintain acquisition and disposition records throughout course of business. The type of information an FFL needs to keep and the duration for which they need to keep it depends on the type of license. An importer must maintain different information than a standard dealer, for instance. As a firearms dealer, you are expected to provide information to the ATF and other law enforcement officials in regards to the traceability of the firearms you sell. This means that you are required by law to provide information to police officers and special agents if they need to track the buyer of a gun in a criminal investigation.

On December 17, , the new 6 page ruling was issued. Pursuant to the Gun Control Act, 18 U. Depending on the type of FFL importer, manufacturer, dealer or curios and relics , the regulations set forth the types of information that must be maintained and the duration of time for which the records must be maintained. This ruling sets forth the conditions upon which an FFL may maintain electronic Acquisition and Disposition records. While some may appreciate this ruling, even though ATF previously approved electronic record keeping without need for a variance in ATF Rul. The complete printout and ASCII text file and file description must contain all information prescribed by regulation. This is in addition to the mandatory daily backup.

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  1. Now that the ATF permits electronic records of A&D books, it's important Your Acquisitions and Dispositions (A&D) book is the most important.

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