Bill and melinda gates foundation college books

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bill and melinda gates foundation college books

The 29 Free College Textbooks Bill Gates is Giving Away

Yet many students are unaware that, actually, you don't necessarily have to go for the most expensive option; in fact, not only are there many ways to get your hands on alternative textbooks, but they are totally free, too. Many non-profits have been created to provide students with open educational resources known as OERs ; their goal is simply to expand affordable learning materials to as many people as possible throughout the world. To point you in their direction, we've compiled a list of organisations who offer good-quality higher education textbooks at no cost, saving you hundreds — and potentially even thousands — of dollars in the process. In particular, it is a great source for college students pursuing STEM fields, as well as business. They also provide entrepreneurial resources tailored towards achieving business success. It's easy to use, as well, with users only having to fill out a short form to download any textbook — one of the many reasons why Bookboon has thrived since its inception in In terms of relevance, OpenStax's textbooks are peer-reviewed by actual educators, ensuring alignment with most general course curriculums.
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Tough questions with Bill & Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates Are Giving Away Free College Textbooks?

We know that the best ideas come from the field. But we know there is more we must do to help more students graduate from high school with the skills they need to enroll, succeed in, and complete college. To do this, we work alongside grantees, other partners, teachers, and education leaders to ensure all students have access to a high-quality public education. We share research and educational resources from our grantees, partners, and initiatives. These insights help us understand and learn from what is working in the field and support our efforts to ensure all students reach their full potential.

More and more intellectuals and academics are noticing the prohibitive cost of higher education. Additionally, this is making college education increasingly difficult for underprivileged people to acquire. Luckily there are groups that are taking steps to alleviate the cost of higher education because they believe that higher education is a right and not a privilege. One of the organisations that are helping to make college textbooks free is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In mid a rumour circulated that Bill and Melinda Gates were creating a website that would offer textbooks at zero cost to college students. Experts and academics author all the books in the field and meet educational standards.

Students, like this 8th grade social studies class in Chicago, need safe, nurturing learning environments where they are equipped to meet high standards. A great K education is a proven path to social mobility and economic prosperity, and a bridge to opportunity. Over the past decade, tremendous gains have been made in U. The foundation works alongside grantees and other partners, teachers, and education leaders to ensure all students have access to a high-quality public education, and to help more students graduate from high school with the skills they need to enroll, succeed in, and complete college. Thanks to the leadership of educators, policymakers, and others who also recognize the value of a quality K education, tremendous gains have been made in U. High school graduation rates have gone up and achievement is also on the rise: In the past ten years, fourth-grade reading and math scores in large city schools increased at almost double the rate of public schools nationally, and 8th grade scores are even better.

1. Bookboon

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation partially funds a non-profit called OpenStax, which aims to create and provide free digital textbooks to college students at various universities. Bill and Melinda Gates did not start a web site to give away free textbooks to every college student for every college course. While the general idea behind the rumor — that Bill and Melinda Gates are involved with a project that aims to provide affordable textbooks to students — is accurate, many of the details are misleading. Selected institutions were required to demonstrate their commitment to using OER to drive student success and graduation rates. OpenStax uses philanthropic grants to produce high-quality, peer-reviewed textbooks that are free online and low-cost in print.

Bill and Melinda Gates published their annual letter on Tuesday , and it contained an interesting observation about how technology is changing education. Not only is technology making physical school textbooks "a thing of the past," the Gateses wrote, but it's making education a whole lot cheaper, too. Modern software not only gives students access to text online, but can identify the topics students are struggling to grasp and generate quiz questions on them. Teachers now get reports of their students' online performances and can know which subjects to focus on the following day. Bill Gates cited the online curricula Zearn, i-Ready, and LearnZillion, as well as a free digital course he funds called Big History, as examples of software that is eliminating the need for physical textbooks.

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