Self development and art appreciation book

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self development and art appreciation book

No textbooks in Maharashtra schools even as unit tests begin | education | top | Hindustan Times

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Self development and Art Appreciation book std 10

Mumbai: Although the Maharashtra state board has changed the Class 9 syllabus from this academic year, many Mumbai schools are sticking to the old one for the first term. The reason: textbooks for new subjects and question paper pattern are unavailable even as schools begin first unit tests.

Atmavikas – (Class IX)

This is an open-ended, self-paced course. The recommendation is to work through one module each week, but you may do more or less as your schedule allows. You should work through the lessons in order, however, as ideas and concepts are built upon throughout the course in a fairly linear fashion. There are no graded assignments for the course. The quizzes are automatically graded and may be repeated multiple times for practice. Time to complete each lesson will vary depending upon your interest in the content for that lesson, the time that you spend on the narrative section reading, looking at images, exploring links and videos , and the time that you spend writing and the number of journal prompts you decide to complete. If you want to get the most out of the materials presented, you should plan to spend at least 4 - 5 hours on each module.

Art lessons for pre-kindergarten students are moving beyond finger paints and into the worlds of van Gogh, da Vinci and Rivera. Teachers in a number of districts in California are using classic works of art to inspire some of the youngest students to observe closely, think critically and discuss respectfully — all key elements of the Common Core approach to learning. By looking closely together as a class at a Picasso or a Cezanne, 4- and 5-year-olds are learning how to observe and translate their thoughts into language and listen and respond to multiple perspectives. This approach for K students was developed about 20 years ago by the co-founders of Visual Thinking Strategies , a nonprofit based in New York that provides training in the method to schools and art museums. More recently, the nonprofit has introduced the concept to pre-K classes.

Unfortunately, almost half of our students today are pursuing higher education courses that do not align with their aptitude and interest, preventing them from living up to their full potential. Launched in , the Kal Chachani Project - an initiative by the School Education Department, Government of Maharashtra and SAF - seeks to turn around this situation through its unique solution, which includes a comprehensive interest test and subsequent career guidance. SAF is the implementation partner for Avirata - a first of its kind unique online in-service training program in India for the Continuous Professional Development of secondary school teachers and head teachers from government and government-aided schools in Maharashtra, by Maharashtra Academic Authority in association with RMSA. A joint initiative of the Government of Maharashtra and SAF, the Kal Chachani project allows students to understand their natural interest and inclination. Under this project, SAF developed an online portal www. The portal lists 83, higher educational options from Government approved colleges in Maharashtra. These courses are further mapped to the student's relevant district and assessed interest.

Scientists, humanists, and art lovers alike value art not just for its beauty, but also for its social and epistemic importance; that is, for its communicative nature, its capacity to increase one's self-knowledge and encourage personal growth, and its ability to challenge our schemas and preconceptions. However, empirical research tends to discount the importance of such social and epistemic outcomes of art engagement, instead focusing on individuals' preferences, judgments of beauty, pleasure, or other emotional appraisals as the primary outcomes of art appreciation.
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