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lewis and clark expedition book

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For such an iconic American subject, the literature of the Lewis and Clark expedition is surprisingly sparse, probably because the journals themselves, until the Moulton edition made them widely available, were so difficult to find in a complete authoritative form. We do not have too many books about Lewis and Clark; we have too few. Here are the 10 best. Gary E. Moulton, ed. If you want Lewis and Clark whole, this is the edition to buy. Moulton spent more than two decades pulling the pieces together and did a masterly job.
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The Journal of Lewis and Clarke 1840 Full Audiobook by Meriwether LEWIS by History

Top 7 Books About the Lewis and Clark Expedition

On December 2, , in his State of the Union address, Thomas Jefferson formally announced the return of the Lewis and Clark expedition from their historic transcontinental journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Their contribution to geography and science was immense. Lewis committed suicide in Clark went on to serve in various army posts and as a superintendent of Indian affairs. When he died in , the Corps of Discovery was a fading memory. Lewis and Clark got five sentences.

Skip to main content. Lewis and Clark Expedition. In Stock. I thought I had some modicum of understanding of the famous trek west by these two historic icons until I read " Undaunted Courage ". Beyond that, the summary of the trip preparation and the actual trip itself is fascinating.

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Little was known about North America west of the Mississippi river at the beginning of the s. It was known that the Missouri River flowed east, merging with the Mississippi en-route to the Gulf of Mexico, while the Columbia flowed west from a similar latitude as the Missouri and spilled into the Pacific Ocean. It was hoped that there might be a navigable water route with a low portage connecting these two rivers to facilitate commerce across the continent. It was believed that any mountains at the headwaters between the two rivers would be gentle mountains like the Appalachians of the east, easy to portage across. It was also believed that there might be mastodons roaming the west, or perhaps a tribe of Indians of Welch descent, based on English mythology. In short, nobody knew what was out west two hundred years ago, except the Native Americans who lived there. From to the Corps of Discovery, commanded by co-captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark traveled more than 4, miles by foot, canoe, and horseback, traveling from Saint Louis up the Missouri River, across the Rocky Mountains, and down the Columbia to the Pacific Ocean.

Kids love adventure stories, so teaching about the Lewis and Clark expedition can be a lot of fun! This topic is usually part of an American Frontier unit, so its air of adventure and discovery is great for setting the tone for the whole unit. Below are some of the best children's books depicting the Lewis and Clark expedition from a variety of vantage points--like a dog, a Native American, an African American slave, a young boy who desperately wanted to join Many are teacher tested. Try them out in your next history unit!

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  1. For such an iconic American subject, the literature of the Lewis and Clark expedition is surprisingly sparse, probably because the journals themselves, until the.

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