Good books and good wine

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good books and good wine

Mr Weston's Good Wine by T.F. Powys

Jamie also writes a weekly blog about running a small wine business in Provence, which you can read at www. Here it is, the evidence that all wine lovers have been waiting for - drinking is good for you. After extensive research, a team of French doctors have published a book concluding that drinking copious amounts of wine prevents infection, diabetes, appendicitis and obesity. And forget Oil of Ulay: one of the doctors involved even argues that a few glasses a night is an essential component of any beauty routine. The catch? Mon Docteur Le Vin was first published in France in the s and some of the medical wisdom may be just a little outdated. But it still makes a great read, with each chapter accompanied by a set of satirical watercolours.
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Good Books And Good Wine - Channel Trailer

Listen, I like wine. Because I know next to nothing about wine other than I enjoy it, and that makes me a little frowny sometimes. His approach to wine?

17 book club books that will get conversation (and wine) flowing

She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood. Nightstruck by Jenna Black certainly meets the mark for a spine chilling read. Nightstruck basically opens on a sinister note. Apparently a veil between the worlds has been breached and bait has been […].

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Welcome to Reading Lists , comprehensive book guides from the Strategist designed to make you an expert or at least a fascinating dinner-party companion in hyperspecific or newsworthy topics. Here, we surveyed sommeliers and wine buyers to find the best books about wine for enthusiasts of every persuasion. Each of these experts sent us a list of books, from their most-referenced wine encyclopedias to the books they give as gifts to fellow wine lovers, and we only included titles that were recommended by two or more of the sommeliers. Not all of these are wine books for beginners, and some are admittedly on the more-expensive side. His most-recent title, The New Wine Rules, has quickly become a favorite; his writing was cited by four of the six sommeliers with whom I spoke. He actually breaks it down just beautifully.

2. Sideways by Rex Pickett

Booze and literature go together like Without alcohol, many of the greatest and most life-changing novels in literary history would have never even been written; book release parties would be even more boring than they already are; and Ernest Hemingway would have never punched Wallace Stevens in the face. Alcohol is the cause of and solution to all the literary world's problems, and God bless it for that. But alcohol doesn't just play an important role in the creation of literature; it can also be a great asset for the reader. I'm not necessarily suggesting that you pound some Knob Creek and then give Gravity's Rainbow the old college try; but sometimes, settling in for a night of reading with a delicious glass of wine in hand can turn the entire experience up a notch. Besides, what else are you going to do while drinking wine? Make pleasant conversation with strangers whom you find sexually appealing?

These are the stories that lend themselves perfectly to being great book club books. These are the books that keep you up until the early hours, the ones which come to mind first when someone asks you what you have been reading recently, and they will invariably be well thumbed, dog-eared from being carried around in your bag, with pages folded down and perhaps even notes scribbled in the margin. The thing is, some stories are just too big and important to stay inside the head of a lone reader — they were meant to be shared, discussed and debated. They do not simply make you feel, they make you think, too — perhaps about something that has not occurred to you ever before. They have taught you a lesson about the world and how it works, but they will also have helped you to find something out about yourself. It is a wonderful kind of alchemy, and finding a story and set of characters that move or challenge or teach you something, never feels anything less than miraculous. From ghosting to property fraud to hidden secrets, untold tragedies, death, love, depression, obsession and a glimpse into a frightening yet all-too fathomable future, these titles are packed with topical talking points, mind-bending twists, laugh-out-loud observations and characters that will stay with you long after reading.

Nightstruck by Jenna Black certainly meets the mark for a spine chilling read. Nightstruck basically opens on a sinister note. Apparently a veil between the worlds has been breached and bait has been […]. As the seasons change, so do my reading tastes. I love it when a book I am reading reflects a sort of seasonal mood. For Autumn, I like books that are spooky, chilling, or cozy.

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