Texture and anisotropy kocks pdf

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texture and anisotropy kocks pdf

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The orientation texture of pulsed laser deposited hydroxyapatite coatings was studied by X-ray diffraction techniques. This preferred orientation is most pronounced when the incidence direction of the plume is normal to the substrate. Orientation texture of the hydroxyapatite grains in the coatings is associated with the highly directional and energetic nature of the ablation plume. Anisotropic stresses, transport of hydroxyl groups and dehydroxylation effects during deposition all seem to play important roles in the texture development. Crystallographic texture is one of the essential micro-structural features that determine the properties of polycrystalline materials. Texture formation and its effect on materials properties have been studied extensively in metals [ 1 — 3 ] and geological materials [ 4 — 6 ] since the late s, when the introduction of pole figure goniometers allowed the use of X-ray diffraction XRD as a quantitative tool in the determination of orientation distributions in polycrystals [ 7 ]. A growing literature exists as well in texturing of bulk and thin film ceramics as these systems have gained greater technological importance over the past decade [ 8 — 14 ].
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Texture and Anisotropy

The plastic anisotropy was measured for a commercial AZ31 magnesium sheet and compared with results from a model calculation using a self consistent viscoplastic model. Hartig et al. Request Permissions. Yi, H-G. Brokmeier, K. Kainer and T.

During metal forming, the mechanical properties in all locations of the part evolve, usually in a heterogeneous way. In principle, this should be taken into account when performing finite element FE simulations of the forming process, by modeling the evolution of the mechanical properties in every integration point of the FE mesh and coupling the result back to the FEshell.
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1. Introduction

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  1. PDF | On Jan 1, , U Fred Kocks and others published Texture and Anisotropy. Preferred Orientations in Polycrystals and Their Effect on Material Properties.

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