Planet x forecast and 2012 survival guide pdf

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planet x forecast and 2012 survival guide pdf

Planet X Forecast And Survival Guide - Exclusive Books

Learn more about Coast Insider. In the first half, author, publisher, and producer Marshall Masters updated his Planet X research, detailing evidence which he believes points to a constellation of objects behind the sun, in the southern sky, between Mars and Jupiter. The object can occasionally be seen around sunrise or sunset, when the sun is less visible, he suggested. Further, he's concluded there will be visibility to the naked eye in November , with the object appearing as large as the moon. When the mainstream media starts reporting on Nibiru Planet X , they will suggest it's harmless, but that will be the time to seek safer ground, as the effects of its passage will be catastrophic to the Earth, he declared. Being in an underground shelter is not necessarily the safest option, he stated, as there could be sinkholes and earthquakes that could doom such enclosures.
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Planet X / Nibiru Forecast And 2012 Survival Guide

Surviving the Planet X Tribulation

Prior to December , this article was downloaded as a PDF ebook by 13, people…. The meme is huge. Hundreds of books have been written, numerous documentaries have been made, and of course there was a blockbuster movie. Unfortunately the facts have been deeply buried, and virtually every piece of information you come across is speculation and trickery, disguised as fact. The aim of this article is to ignore all the extreme speculations and fabrications, and just present the known facts. Everything that follows is either accepted fact, or will be denoted as being disputable or an opinion.

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Do you want to remove all your recent searches? For You Explore. All recent searches will be deleted. Cancel Remove. Watch fullscreen. Surviving and Planet X - Part 5 of 5: Beyond Marshall Masters.

In order to make an intelligent decision we have to have the knowledge of past, present and future events and trends that may answer some of these questions. In this rapidly changing world, it is imperative that we take responsibililty for ourselves and be prepared for whatever may come our way. This web site is all about being prepared. It is about the future — yours and how you prepare for it. I have tried to remove all links to purchase as we are not selling anything on Truth Censored books: Delicate Earth and Blindsided are not allowed to be sold in any major book store. This extremely serious subject is too hot to handle by the majority of the public according to the powers-that-be.

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