Continuous delivery with docker and jenkins pdf

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continuous delivery with docker and jenkins pdf

Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins [Book]

Comment 4. In this article, I'm going to show you how to set up a continuous delivery environment for building Docker images of our Java applications on your local machine. All those tools will be run locally using their Docker images. Thanks to that, you will be able to easily test it on your laptop and then configure the same environment in production deployed on multiple servers or VMs. Let's take a look at the architecture of the proposed solution.
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Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Docker and Compose

He loves deploying applications in production while thousands of users are online, monitoring the infrastructure, and acting quickly when monitoring tools decide to challenge his heart's health! Check out my newest articles:. See full terms.

Leszko Rafal. Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins

Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins, 2nd Edition. Add favorites. It will start with setting up a Docker server and configuring Jenkins on it. It will then provide steps to build applications on Docker files and integrate them with Jenkins using continuous delivery processes such as continuous integration, automated acceptance testing, and configuration management. Moving on, you will learn how to ensure quick application deployment with Docker containers along with scaling Jenkins using Kubernetes. Next, you will get to know how to deploy applications using Docker images and testing them with Jenkins.

Traditional Release Cycle

Packt Publishing, O'Reilly, Over the past decade, Jenkins has served as the definitive tool for creating continuous delivery pipelines. Now, Jenkins 2 takes this open source automation server to a new level. This practical guide shows you how the latest features enable you to define pipelines-as-code, make pipelines restartable and recoverable, and add automatic In past few years, agile software development has seen tremendous growth. There is a huge demand for software delivery solutions that are fast yet flexible to numerous amendments.

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