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lenin the state and revolution pdf

Lenin's Vision: The State and Revolution - Yale Scholarship

Alastair Renfrew; Lenin and Utopia. Poetics Today 1 June ; 37 2 : — This article returns to an ambivalent source of Soviet utopianism, Lenin's State and Revolution , in order to show how the contradictions inherent in the theory of the state developed there programs no less than the dialectical transformation of Lenin's principled anti-utopianism into a particular form of utopia. The essence of Soviet ideology thus lies in the absolute and enduring future projection of present contradictions onto the utopia yet to come. Sign In or Create an Account.
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Lenin’s State and Revolution today

Lenin's Vision

Forgot password? Don't have an account? In his State and Revolution , Vladimir Lenin details the doctrine of revolution and the proletarian dictatorship. However, it did not conform to his previous thought or to his subsequent practice, and instead reflects his intellectual transformation in , the year of the Russian Revolution. In State and Revolution , Lenin predicted that revolutionary victory would result in a proletarian dictatorship and that the new body politic would be realized once the repressive machinery of the bourgeois state was destroyed, a real democracy of the working class was established, and the tasks of administration were transferred directly into the hands of the masses. Yale Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service. Public users can however freely search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter.

Lenin wrote The State and Revolution in August and September , when he left the manuscript of "Marxism on the State" behind — as it would have been.
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Lenin wrote it just before the October revolution. - By the first days of July , tensions in the Russian capital were the highest they had been since the February Revolution that deposed the Tsar, announced a Provisional Government, and gave birth to a new wave of soviets.

The State and Revolution , by Vladimir Lenin , describes the role of the State in society, the necessity of proletarian revolution, and the theoretic inadequacies of social democracy in achieving revolution to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat. Lenin began the composition of an early draft of State and Revolution while in exile in Switzerland in , under the title "Marxism on the State". The Russian public was deeply upset with the continuation of Russia's involvement in World War One and the continued economic difficulties that it brought on. Through the Red Guards , paramilitary organizations of revolutionary workers, sailors and soldiers; the Soviet government was able to storm The Winter Palace and officially abolishing the Provisional government. The revolution was not uniformly accepted among all Russians, resistance and disruption would occur routinely leading up to The Russian Civil War.

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