Heat and mass transfer textbook pdf

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heat and mass transfer textbook pdf

Heat Transfer: A Basic Approach - PDF Free Download

Cooling Load Calculation Example Pdf. Will save you an incredible amount of calculation work. The below guidelines and formula may be used for sizing chillers for plastic process cooling applications. If you're new to HVAC lingo, it's easy to miss the distinction so here it is: Load - the amount of heating or cooling a building needs. Comprehensive reports list the general project data, equipment information, total building load summary, detailed room load calculations, and a room load summary for each zone and system complete with heating and cooling CFM values. For cooling a matter, you will need to know its mass flow rate, specific heat at constant pressure of the matter and the initial and target temperatures of the matter.
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Problems of Heat and mass transfer - Conduction Part 1

The book has been divided into chapters and comes with miscellaneous solved examples, fill in the blanks and true or false so as to give you a better understanding of the subject. The book covers mechanical engineering syllabus.

Heat Transfer: A Basic Approach

This textbook presents the classical treatment of the problems of heat transfer in an exhaustive manner with due emphasis on understanding of the physics of the problems. This emphasis is especially visible in the chapters on convective heat transfer. Emphasis is laid on the solution of steady and unsteady two-dimensional heat conduction problems. Another special feature of the book is a chapter on introduction to design of heat exchangers and their illustrative design problems. A simple and understandable treatment of gaseous radiation has been presented. A special chapter on flat plate solar air heater has been incorporated that covers thermo-hydraulic modeling and simulation.

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Fluid Mechanics chapters include basics on non-Newtonian systems which, for instance find importance in polymer and food processing, flow through piping, flow measurement, pumps, mixing technology and fluidization and two phase flow. For example it covers types of pumps and valves, membranes and areas of their use, different equipment commonly used in chemical industry and their merits and drawbacks. Heat Transfer chapters cover the basics involved in conduction, convection and radiation, with emphasis on insulation, heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers, reboilers and fired heaters. Design methods, performance, operational issues and maintenance problems are highlighted. Topics such as heat pipes, heat pumps, heat tracing, steam traps, refrigeration, cooling of electronic devices, NOx control find place in the book.

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