Relationship between philosophy and literature pdf

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relationship between philosophy and literature pdf

Introduction — Literature and Philosophy: The Contemporary Interface | SpringerLink

Philosophy and literature involves the literary treatment of philosophers and philosophical themes the literature of philosophy , and the philosophical treatment of issues raised by literature the philosophy of literature. Strictly speaking, the philosophy of literature is a branch of aesthetics , the branch of philosophy that deals with the question, "what is art "? Much of aesthetic philosophy has traditionally focused on the plastic arts or music , however, at the expense of the verbal arts. In fact, much traditional discussion of aesthetic philosophy seeks to establish criteria of artistic quality that are indifferent to the subject matter being depicted. Since all literary works, almost by definition, contain notional content, aesthetic theories that rely on purely formal qualities tend to overlook literature.
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The relationship between Philosophy and Literature

What can we learn from studying philosophy? What can we learn from reading great or not-so-great literature? Some philosophers and literary theorists believe that philosophy and literature converge in a number of places. Great literature is often deeply philosophical, and great philosophy is often great literature, sometimes in the form of fictional narrative. Perhaps we can learn many of the same lessons from philosophy and literature. Can the methods of philosophy and literary criticism be combined? Are the truths they shed light upon complementary?

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Having finished presenting an account of the perfectly just State, Socrates and his companions reflect upon it, Socrates begins a discussion with Glaucon about poetry, and why he has decreed that the poets must be exiled from the city. With the rejection of Poets and writers in the Republic and the arguments Plato construed to show the veracity of his claim, there seem to be a wide gap between philosophy and literature. Many do not see the nexus indicating the correlations between the two discourses. Consequently, Louis Zoo argues that philosophy and literature belong to distinct areas of study and that there is no nexus that could be created to bridge the rift. Furthermore, in order to systematize this essay; it is apt that the tool of conceptual elucidation be employed to better situate the arguments there in. The understanding of philosophy sometimes makes the question of this relationship more problematic; hence, the presentation of philosophy here helps us to understand better the nature of the discourse. This false conception arouse from some sorts of professionalism that began strictly with Kant.







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