Leaps and ledges rules pdf

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leaps and ledges rules pdf

Leaps and Ledges Game from MindWare

Your Name. Your Email. Recipient's Name. Recipient's Email. It's literally a race to the top as your pawns climb their way up the tower. Play cards to determine how many levels you can move up in this game of strategy and luck.
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Leaps and Ledges Game by MindWare

Leaps and Ledges: Did someone make a better SORRY!? They did.

Leaps and Ledges is a game in which players race to the top of a colorful tower, knocking off opponents and being knocked off in their turn along the way. It is easy enough to get onto the tower -- any card in the deck will do it -- but staying on long enough to reach the summit is much trickier. On every turn, a player produces one of the three cards from his or her hand and performs the action proscribed: this may be as simple as climbing a set number of levels usurping anyone who is unsafely perched at the destination level , but other cards allow players to switch places with opponents in a more advantageous position, to move any piece even an opponent's piece up or down four places possibly to avoid overshooting the top , to rampage past other pieces knocking all opponents off in the process , or to make a precision move to land at the top or on another player's post. There is safety in numbers; anyone with two pieces on a level is secure. In play, the rules are simple to follow, and game time varies significantly 5 to 10 minutes being the minimum for even a 2-player game depending on how cutthroat the players choose to be.

Leaps and Ledges is a fast pace family game that is great for a wide range of ages and skills. Each player is racing to be the first to get all four of their colored pawns to the top of the tower. Some cards allow you to sabotage your opponents by sending them down levels or by knocking them off completely. Watch out for sneaky players on a rampage—they will knock everyone off on their way up! Wild cards add suspense to the mix by knocking opponents backwards or forcing them to overshoot the top crown.

Create one here. Forgot your password? Reset it here. To show you the most accurate prices, TTPM only displays our pricing tool on products which we've reviewed in the past three years. Leaps and Ledges is a towering game of strategy and luck. Build the colorful tower and use the game cards to move your pawns up to the very top of the tower. The first player to get all four pawns to the top wins.


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