Electronic circuits and secrets of an old fashioned spy pdf

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electronic circuits and secrets of an old fashioned spy pdf

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Microphones are used in many applications such as telephones , hearing aids , public address systems for concert halls and public events, motion picture production, live and recorded audio engineering , sound recording , two-way radios , megaphones , radio and television broadcasting, and in computers for recording voice, speech recognition , VoIP , and for non-acoustic purposes such as ultrasonic sensors or knock sensors. Several types of microphone are in use, which employ different methods to convert the air pressure variations of a sound wave to an electrical signal. The most common are the dynamic microphone , which uses a coil of wire suspended in a magnetic field; the condenser microphone , which uses the vibrating diaphragm as a capacitor plate; and the piezoelectric microphone , which uses a crystal of piezoelectric material. Microphones typically need to be connected to a preamplifier before the signal can be recorded or reproduced. In order to speak to larger groups of people, a need arose to increase the volume of the human voice. The earliest devices used to achieve this were acoustic megaphones.
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Transistor—transistor logic TTL is a logic family built from bipolar junction transistors. Its name signifies that transistors perform both the logic function the first "transistor" and the amplifying function the second "transistor" ; it is the same naming convention used in resistor—transistor logic RTL and diode—transistor logic DTL. TTL integrated circuits ICs were widely used in applications such as computers , industrial controls, test equipment and instrumentation, consumer electronics, and synthesizers. Sometimes TTL-compatible logic levels are not associated directly with TTL integrated circuits, for example, they may be used at the inputs and outputs of electronic instruments. After their introduction in integrated circuit form in by Sylvania , TTL integrated circuits were manufactured by several semiconductor companies. The series by Texas Instruments became particularly popular.

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Have you ever wanted to broadcast your own radio station within your neighborhood? Ever get curious on where people get those "Surveillance Bugs" from spy and action movies? This small and simple FM transmitter is the toy that geeks have always wanted. FM transmitters can be complicated to build, that's why I'm teaching you how to make a foolproof FM transmitter. There's no need to buy kits, this tutorial includes the PCB layout and the schematics. It's great for room monitoring, baby listening and nature research. FM transmitters remind me of my early years in electronics.

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