Basketball its origin and development pdf

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basketball its origin and development pdf

The History of Sports

NCBI Bookshelf. The behaviors and traits of today's children, along with their genetics, are determinants of their growth and development; their physical, mental, and psychosocial health; and their physical, cognitive, and academic performance. Technological advances of modern society have contributed to a sedentary lifestyle that has changed the phenotype of children from that of 20 years ago. Children today weigh more and have a higher body mass index BMI than their peers of just a generation earlier Ogden et al. Behaviorally, most children fail to engage in vigorous- or moderate-intensity physical activity for the recommended 60 minutes or more each day, with as many as one-third reporting no physical activity in the preceding 5 days CDC,
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The History of Basketball

Basketball Its Origin And Development PDF eBook, ePub

Dec 14, Basketball was created by James Naismith accepted the job of an instructor. The main idea of the sport was it to be indoors and a small space. Jan 1,

This book, originally published in , carries a new introduction by William J. Baker, a professor of history at the University of Maine, Orono. Du kanske gillar. Basket Ball James Naismith Inbunden. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. James Naismith was teaching physical education at the Young Men's Christian Association Training College in Springfield, Massachusetts, and felt discouraged because calisthenics and gymnastics didn't engage his students.

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Send us an e-mail. In contrast to other sports, basketball has a clear origin.

The history of basketball began with its invention in in Springfield, Massachusetts by Canadian physical education instructor James Naismith as a less injury-prone sport than football. The game became established fairly quickly and grew very popular as the 20th century progressed, first in America and then in other parts of the world. After basketball became established in American colleges, the professional game followed. The American National Basketball Association NBA , established in , grew to a multibillion-dollar enterprise by the end of the century, and basketball became an integral part of American culture. The game of basketball as it is known today was created by Dr. James Naismith in December in Springfield, Massachusetts, to condition young athletes during cold months.

The documented history of sports goes back at least 3, years. In the beginning, sports often involved the preparation for war or training as a hunter, which explains why so many early games involved the throwing of spears, stakes, and rocks, and sparring one-on-one with opponents. With the first Olympic Games in BC—which included events such as foot and chariot races, wrestling, jumping, and discus and javelin throwing—the Ancient Greeks introduced formal sports to the world. The following by no means exhaustive list takes a look at the beginnings and evolution of some of today's most popular sporting pastimes. The first formal rules for basketball were devised in Initially, players dribbled a soccer ball up and down a court of unspecified dimensions.


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