Ib history authoritarian and single party states pdf

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ib history authoritarian and single party states pdf

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Castro's Policies: Political, Cultural et al (IB History)

Cambridge - Authoritarian and Single-Party States - Complete Text.pdf

Read full description. Hide full description. IB History topics to be studied in year 2 include twentieth century authoritarian states Cuba, China, and Germany and Cold War superpower tensions and rivalries. Content to be covered involves the conditions that facilitated the emergence of authoritarian states in the twentieth century, as well as the methods used by parties and leaders Castro, Mao, and Hitler to take and maintain power. This topic focuses on how superpower rivalries did not remain static but changed according to styles of leadership, strength of ideological beliefs, economic factors and crises involving client states such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and Chinese Offshore Island Crises.

Mussolini was born into a socialist house. He remained a socialist until he returned from WW1 with a new perspective. He then started the fascist party. He and his fascist black shirt marched on Rome and claimed to have forced the government to allow Mussolini to be prime minister. Yet, the truth is the president of Italy liked Mussolini and gave him the position of minister without conflict.

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