Relationship between internet and world wide web pdf

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relationship between internet and world wide web pdf

Differences Between the World Wide Web & Internet | Web Design Raleigh

The World Wide Web has been central to the development of the Information Age and is the primary tool billions of people use to interact on the Internet. Web resources may be any type of downloaded media, but web pages are hypertext media that have been formatted in Hypertext Markup Language HTML. In addition to text , web pages may contain references to images , video , audio , and software components which are displayed rendered in the user's web browser as coherent pages of multimedia content. Multiple web resources with a common theme, a common domain name , or both, make up a website. Websites are stored in computers that are running a program called a web server that responds to requests made over the Internet from web browsers running on a user's computer. Website content can be largely provided by a publisher, or interactively where users contribute content or the content depends upon the users or their actions. Websites may be provided for a myriad of informative, entertainment, commercial, governmental, or non-governmental reasons.
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The difference between the internet and world wide web

By Jayne Miller Aug 23, Happy Internaut Day!

A Brief Guide to the History of the Internet

The special issue was I think later abandoned. This paper represents the personal views of the author, not those of the World Wide Web Consortium members, nor of host institutes. This paper gives an overview of the history, the current state, and possible future directions for the World Wide Web. The Web is simply defined as the universe of global network-accessible information. Its existence marks the end of an era of frustrating and debilitating incompatibilities between computer systems. The explosion of advisability and the potential social and economical impact has not passed unnoticed by a much larger community than has previously used computers. The commercial potential in the system has driven a rapid pace of development of new features, making the maintenance of the global interoperability which the Web brought a continuous task for all concerned.

4 Describe the purpose of an IP address and its relationship to a domain name. 5 Explain the Chapter 2 The Internet and World Wide Web View, navigate, and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files — documents.
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The Internet began as a U. S Department of Defense network to link scientists and university professors around the world. A network of networks, today, the Internet serves as a global data communications system that links millions of private, public, academic and business networks via an international telecommunications backbone that consists of various electronic and optical networking technologies. Decentralized by design, no one owns the Internet and it has no central governing authority. As a creation of the Defense Department for sharing research data, this lack of centralization was intentional to make it less vulnerable to wartime or terrorist attacks. The Internet is a vast hardware and software infrastructure that enables computer interconnectivity.

Most people have a common misconception that the Internet and World Wide Web are the same as the two terms are often used interchangeably. However, there are many subtle differences between the two terms. While the Internet is a global network comprised of computers, the World Wide Web is an extremely common application used online and it uses the hypertext transfer protocol, or http, to navigate across different websites. The World Wide Web is much newer compared to the Internet and was initialized during the s. The World Wide Web is a collection of web pages following the http protocol that can be accessed via the Internet from any part of the world. The http protocol is a kind of language that is used on the Internet in order to transfer data and communicate.

To answer this question, let's look at each element. And since the Internet seems to be the more easily understood component, let's start there. Simply, the Internet is a network of networks — and there are all kinds of networks in all kinds of sizes. You may have a computer network at your work, at your school or even one at your house. These networks are often connected to each other in different configurations, which is how you get groupings such as local area networks LAN s and regional networks.

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