How to make a bookshelf look good

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how to make a bookshelf look good

8 Ways to Arrange Your Bookshelf in an Aesthetically Pleasing Way

I'm quite happy with that fact that the first piece of furniture I built is a bookshelf. I wanted to make something large enough to keep all my books, and stylish at the same time. I like somewhat futuristic and organic designs with plenty curved lines, and you can see that in this shelf. Generally the aim was to make it look as if it was a part of the wall, or came out of the wall. It's really a relatively easy project, not much work is needed, although some precision will be useful.
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9 Stylish Ways To Organize Your Bookshelf

Bold-color accessories and picture frames make great bookends and help the decor Mod decor shelves call for a sparse look, so group together a small set of .

8 Ways to Arrange an Aesthetically Pleasing Bookshelf

I think some of the shelves that you see out there are more IG ready than practical. Good news is that it is possible to have a nice looking bookshelf without compromising your library or having it look cluttered. In the bookshelf above, for example, orange, red and blue books have been placed together while the other books are mix-matched. Of course, by now you know how much I love plants. Look at the photo above, for example, that simple and thin plant brings the bookshelf to life. I get them at estate sales or thrift stores.

You can see my shelves right here.
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For maximum storage:

Or more importantly—how will you arrange them?! Your precious jewels need to be both safe and aesthetically placed in a way that fills your book nerd heart up with pride. Here are 8 ways to arrange an aesthetically pleasing bookshelf. Talk about aesthetics. Got a green thumb? Mix it up and add some greenery to your shelves!

I'm not going to deny it, I love looking at a perfectly styled shelf with plenty of breathing room and lots of interestingly displayed objects. There are many great posts out there that break down the formula for your perfectly styled bookshelf. If you need a refresher you can check out this, this and this. Gorgeous white custom bookshelves and styling by Amber Interiors. However, many of us need our bookshelves to act as just that, a place to hold our books. Don't feel bad if you don't have all leather and gold bound books or a separate room in your house just to hold your well worn and dog-eared paperbacks.

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  2. Here are some tips and some inspiration photos to make your bookshelf as stylish as they are useful I love nothing more than a good tip/suggestion. of 2,+ books, it shouldn't make it any more difficult to find the books you're looking for.

  3. How to Make Your Bookcase Look Amazing. Here are nine . Nice Bookshelf Styling For Decoration Idea (71) Bookcase Styling, Bookcase Shelves, Target.

  4. Last week I made a little day trip down to Indianapolis to do some decorating with my sister…Can you imagine a day more fun than that?!

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