How to make a corner bookmark

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how to make a corner bookmark

Ladybug Corner Bookmark - Origami for Kids - Easy Peasy and Fun

Ready for another adorable bookmark? Make this cute ladybug corner bookmark, perfect to keep your summer reads in check or just to craft away during the summer break. Start by folding the red paper diagonally. Fold into a triangle. Grab the top corner of the triangle, one layer only — as indicated by the pink dot on the image below and fold it towards the bottom, as indicated by the pink dot. Now grab hold of the left or right corner of the triangle and fold it towards the middle as indicated by the pink dot.
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How to Make DIY Origami Corner Bookmarks

How to Make Corner Bookmarks + Ideas and Designs

Corner bookmarks make all the difference when it comes to books, having a lovely bookmark will make reading more fun. Want to learn how to make corner bookmarks? Or just need some corner bookmarks ideas or designs? Before browsing ideas and desings one must first learn how to make one. To make things easier we have a easy to follow video tutorial ready for you. Take the top layer of paper, at the top of the triangle, and fold the top to the bottom.

Ladybug Corner Bookmark

Easy Origami Bookmark - How to make a Corner Bookmark with Paper

If you are looking for a fun craft to make for Halloween or are just a cat lover these somewhat scary cat corner bookmarks are a great thing to make! DIY corner bookmarks are a great origami for kids to start with as they are quick and simple to make and your little ones can get super creative when they decorate them just check some others we already made. Crease well. Cut two small black triangles out of black paper and a pair of smaller ones out of pink paper. Glue the pink triangles onto the black ones — making ears. Stick the ears on the back of the bookmark.

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