Best self published fantasy books

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best self published fantasy books

The Most Successful Self-Published Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors

Everybody wants to be successful. And if you've ever told anyone that you're writing a novel or screenplay, short story, comic book, rondel, etc. This means there are a lot of people who want to be successful writers out there. Basically, new writers have to be better than the people already published. When I read slush as an intern at big publishing company, my instructions were to give the editors the pretty amazing pieces so they could write personal rejection letters. And even if a book does make it out of the slush and into the hands of an editor, writers are often asked for major revisions and rewrites with no guarantee of purchase or publication. If a book makes it past these hurdles it will still be years before it hits the shelves.
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Our guide to to the best of the indie fantasy books -- self published / independently published fantasy that's often just as good as any traditionally published.

Top 25 Best Indie Fantasy Books

It's been years in the making, but I've finally put my best efforts into giving a good guide to what's hot in the self-pub fantasy world. And there's quite a bit of hidden gems to find if you know just what to look for. This Best Indie List has been thouroughly updated November to reflect new indie books that have come out since the list was first published in The past five years have seen a boom in the self publishing market, arguably, a revolution of the publishing model. Amazon, by allowing authors to self publish on the Amazon marketplace and keeping 70 percent of the profits , have overturned the status quo of the book industry, toppling the monopoly held by the Big Six publishing houses who have, before this, acted as the gate keepers of fiction. Hordes of authors, unshackled and unchained, are pouring through the opening gates, seeking fame, fortune, or maybe even just the thrill of seeing their books for sale, somewhere, and knowing they are, in some measure, a professional author.

Another week begins. I quickly slip into my business suit and head back into the office to save a few innocent people. Time to highlight some of my favorite fantasy covers! No real theme other than no big publishing house products. Skip to content.

Getting published is hard, and even successful writers were often rejected dozens or even hundreds of times before something clicked. Except that technically, you can. Self-publishing has existed just as long as traditional publishing, and the current digital age has made the distribution of independent literature more accessible than ever. Print-on-demand services demand huge out-of-pocket investments, and online options like Amazon are so flooded with dime a dozen romances that not even the algorithms can sort them out. Here is my rebuttal to all the self-publishing naysayers out there: self-publishing may be tough, but as an alternative to traditional publishing it is exactly what we need to give little voices a chance to grow loud.

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Back in , Mark Lawrence proposed the competition on his blog , which outlines how the contest works. - Daniel Arenson is a bestselling independent fantasy author. Known for his epic world building and distinctive covers, his novels have sold over , copies worldwide.




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