Best books for first year law students

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best books for first year law students

Best Books for Pre-law Students - Summer Reading Before You Start Law School - LawSchooli

Courtesy of John Althouse Cohen on flickr As a professor of law, I am naturally biased in favor of my profession. Notwithstanding the naysayers, law students and lawyers commit to the pursuit of justice against obstacles that yield only to the keenest and, one hopes, most ethical minds. But not all legal reading need be as dry as a prospectus or as weighty as a Supreme Court ruling. Much of the law can be absorbed through great literature and thoughtful nonfiction. Indeed, I suggest that newly minted law students spend the summer before their classes begin with the following nine works roughly one a week as preparation for entering what remains the noblest of professions. Whether you're a soon-to-be law student or a citizen interested in better understanding our justice system, you could do worse than to spend this summer reading these books. Individually each work is excellent.
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Introduction to Law School for First-Year Students

9 books that new law students should read

There is a murder, of course, and Lady Dedlock is suspected. But lawyers are not attracted to Bleak House for the whodunit. Jarndyce, an estate case that drags from generation to generation until the money runs out. Dickens hits a nerve in his classic description of the underlying cynicism that too often drives litigation. An interesting aside? Dickens based Jarndyce v.

Are you ready to be a law student? Do you know the difference between law school and undergrad exams? Are your time management skills up to par? We get it. Being a top law student means being prepared.

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Subscribe and get breaking news, commentary, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, judges, and more. West, Mr. There will be plenty of time to sweat over the various syllabi once the school year starts. As I tell every incoming law student I speak to, make sure you get plenty of rest before your first semester begins. For now, take the time to focus on creating good habits, setting a study schedule , and becoming mentally prepared for the three-year mental marathon.

We decided to gather a list of such books on the law which will introduce you to landmark Supreme Court decisions or give you food for thought about interesting legal twists in a downtown novel. Check below 12 best books for law students:. This textbook is a guide to thinking lawyers to understand law and thinking processes behind it. This law classic is ideal for law students and young professionals who plan on litigating cases and need to master persuasion skills. Antonin Scalia was the Supreme Court Justice and good friend of notorious Ruth Blader Ginsburg with whom they had famously different views on the Constitution and the role of the court. In this book he shares his valuable law toolkit on how to convince generally anyone of anything in your legal career. This law book is written by the legal scholar Bryan Garner who used to team up with Supreme court judges on persuasion skills and law cases, including Antonin Scalia.

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