Best non fiction ghost story books

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best non fiction ghost story books

6 Nonfiction Horror Books for Your TBR | Book Riot

In particular, nonfiction horror books pack a particular punch because, well, it did actually happen, so you have the terror of WILL it happen, on the front end, and then the lingering horror of OH. IT DID. For me, the experience of reading nonfiction horror books, especially written by the person whom the events affected, is cathartic. Not everyone gets it. Sometime I have to explain. And then, of course, I need to talk about it.
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7 Scary Nonfiction Books To Titillate And Terrify You

It definitely needs to be scary. Classics like and Dracula and Frankenstein all stand to represent some of the darkest and most base elements of humanity: violence, consumption, the primal battle between our animal instincts and our human selves. True crime, science writing, even some especially dark memoirs can all read like horror novels — except their horrors have come to life. Three hundred murders, nine different hospitals, and a killer who went undetected for 16 years. Click here to buy.

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Top 10 modern Victorian novels

While many of us gravitate towards the fiction aisle when we want to pick up a good horror story, there are tons of terrifyingly scary nonfiction books out there. From serial killers to cannibals, cults to human experiments, unexplained phenomena to creepy crawlies, the world and its occupants can be awful. This book reconstructs the events that took place over five days at the Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Without power or an evacuation plan, doctors, nurses, and patients struggled to stay alive and figure out what to do, resulting in the planned deaths of several patients. Wading through eyewitness accounts and hundreds of documents, Sheri Fink attempts to understand these five days and pinpoint the crime—legal, moral, and ethical—that occurred. This short photo book explores images of ghosts purportedly caught on film, including the Cottingley Glen fairies and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. While some look clearly manipulated, others will leave you chilled and not a little weary of taking a photo on a dark night.

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  1. Ghost Books. List of best nonfiction ghost books out there. . The Myrtles Plantation: The True Story of America's Most Haunted House by.

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