Best fairy tale books for adults

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best fairy tale books for adults

Popular Adult Fairy Tale Books

That definition is true as far as it goes, but I know plenty of adults who still enjoy stories about witches and princesses, curses and spells, and happily ever afters. This collection of tales from Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Cunningham transforms the fables we have come to love by exploring the unexamined moments, forgotten backstories, or unintended consequences of choices and spells and curses. Cunningham uses his talents to embrace the darkness of classic fairy tales and bring them to life in new and unexpected ways. Loosely based on the showman P. Barnum and his popular Fiji mermaid sideshow, The Mermaid is a fascinating fairy tale mashup with a convincing historical backdrop.
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Tilly Castillo thought she lost her chance to be a contemporary dancer, but when a summer job in New York City appears, nothing can stop her from saying yes—not her mother, not the other cutthroat dancers, and not even her fears of the big city. When I was 5, I told a fairytale lie. I was in kindergarten.

9 Fairy Tales For Adults That Are WAY Better Than Disney

Every single one of us grew up listening to fairytales. But did you know that fairytales weren't originally intended for children? If you think about it, they often have a very dark side. So it's no surprise that many writers produce rather more grown-up versions of the stories that we're so familiar with. Try these dark, twisted, wonderful fairytales for adults and young adults …. What an absolutely irresistible title! If you enjoy this tale about a mysterious orphanage, you'll be happy to know that the third in the series has just come out.

The first edition of Grimms Fairy Tales published in did not sell well. In the interest of attracting a younger audience, the collection was revised, cut down, and republished in What got the chopping block? In lots of it, and in no more sex. Mothers eating children, chopping them up into stew is fine. But sex , absolutely not.

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As we grow older, it can be easy to forget the draw fairy tales had for us as children. Once we realize that happily ever afters in real life always involve compromise, it's harder to suspend our disbelief as easily for tales of fairies, sleeping beauties, and charming princes. But these 12 fairy tales for adults are a reminder that magic—and fantastic peril—are around us all the time, if we only open our eyes. Nalo Hopkinson is a Jamaican-born Canadian writer whose novels and short fiction combine horror, magical realism, and fantasy, with unforgettable results. Her World Fantasy Award-winning Skin Folk is an anthology of short speculative fiction, much of which is inspired by Caribbean folklore. From tales of vampires and werewolves, to a chilling look at a post-apocalyptic society, to an unforgettable reimagining of the Red Riding Hood story, the gruesome and gripping Skin Folk will rearrange how you look at the everyday world.



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  1. Books shelved as adult-fairy-tale: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly, Devastation by M.J. Haag, D .

  2. Whether you read fairy tales as a child or whether you're simply aware of them because you are a person who is alive and does not live under.

  3. Trigger warning: this post about dark fairytale books discusses sexual and non-sexual violence.

  4. 20 great new fairy tale retellings for adults, including 'Beauty and the Beast,' ' Cinderella,' Join to access our best book recommendations.

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