Best way to get your book published

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best way to get your book published

How to Publish a Book in A Step-by-Step Guide for First-Timers

Becoming an author is a bit like becoming an acrobat. Few people know how to go about either; fewer bother to attempt, and fewer still succeed. There is no single "correct" path to getting a book published. Every author, every book and every career is different. I've worked with and without agents; I've published with a small academic press and with a big trade one; I've worked with good editors and bad ones; I've followed some standard industry guidelines, and I've broken plenty of others. If I've learned anything for sure, it's that nothing is for sure. There are no hard and fast rules here.
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How to Publish Your Book: Top 3 Options for New Authors

With a shrinking book market and a growing corporate emphasis on profits, it has become harder than ever to break into the big leagues of book publishing. These days, the "big leagues" has dwindled, too, to the Big Five publishers. That said, publishers need authors, and the notoriously passionate people who work in book publishing still get excited about great writers, especially those with proven sales or at least strong sales potential. Here's what you'll need to get in the door. Your platform might be an established history of literary publications and prizes or a popular blog.

Step 1: Slave Over the Blank Page. You spend thousands of hours over several years writing your masterpiece. It becomes your baby, a creation birthed from nothing. Step 2: Submit. You finally finish your book.

To build a career as an author you need to know how to get published as well as how to write. Jon Reed shares some pointers to help you navigate the process — and know what to expect. Learn how to get published from agents, publishers, authors and publishing experts. Earlybird tickets on sale now. Now what?

Be confident that you're submitting your best work. One of the biggest mistakes new writers make is rushing to get published. In 99% of cases.
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After all, there are more publishing options now in than ever! Traditional publishing, for example, requires an agent and actual publisher — which may take a long time to acquire, but can be a big advantage in terms of industry connections. On the other hand, you can self-publish and have your book up on Amazon tomorrow with higher royalties! Every author has to decide for themselves how to publish, taking into account the relative benefits and what they really want from of the experience — fame and fortune, literary repute, or simply being able to say they've done it. But how can authors make this decision without trying both firsthand?

Historically, if you wanted to know how to publish a book , you needed an agent to get a traditional publisher to look at your manuscript. Which makes learning how to publish a book way more difficult. In fact, there is another way for your book to not only be published, but to even become a bestseller! This method has led to the success of many authors and is changing the book and traditional publishing industry. NOTE: We cover everything in this blog post and much more about the writing, marketing, and publishing process in our FREE on-demand workshop for first-time authors looking to write and launch their book to bestseller status in as little as 90 days. Learn more about it here.

Getting a book published, even your first book — that sounds like it should be pretty do-able, right? And so it is, but the publishing industry is inevitably pretty complex, and can generate massively different outcomes depending on the choices you are about to make. In the same way, you might want to be a professional musician … but does that mean you do a paid gig in a local bar? Or get signed by a massive record label? In this blog post, we will weigh up the options and show you how you could get your book published.

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