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seattle times best books 2014

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The winners were announced Friday night at an event at the Seattle Public Library. The awards are sponsored by the Washington Center for the Book. Seattle author Laskin , who has now won the Washington State Book Award four times, traced three branches of his family from their home in Eastern Europe. One group emigrated to Israel, one found commercial success in America and one stayed put, suffering mightily at the hands of the Nazi regime. Seattle author Griffith, a Yorkshire native, found a few enigmatic lines written about the life of St. Hilda of Whitby, a seventh-century English saint.
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My Favorite 14 Books of 2014!

Great reads

A tour de force, this saga is centered on the real-life attempted assassination of reggae legend Bob Marley in politically turbulent Kingston in and the little-known people who were involved with it. This unusual coming-of-age memoir treads the line between social commentary and Young Adult literature through the pleasantly mordant voice of a youth being raised in s Seattle by his drug-dealing single dad, who develops AIDS. Who knew bumblebees were so important? Goulson, British environmental scientist and founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, travels far and wide, investigating why these crucial pollinators are in decline and how we can help their numbers increase. Doerr, who has made a name for himself with some of the most original short stories of our day, spreads his wings majestically in this novel a National Book Awards finalist about two young people — a blind French girl and a brilliant orphaned German boy — caught up separately, and for a brief shining moment together, in the horror of World War II.

Thanks to all our reviewers, who sorted through a flood of books published this year to pick the best. Happy holidays! This transcendent novel about the Huron native people in 17th-century French Canada and the arrival of a Jesuit missionary priest, has an epic feel, both for its profound spirituality and shocking violence.
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An interactive guide to The Seattle Times' best books recommendations from the past few years.

Spring used to be a quiet time for publishing, but not anymore; there are plenty of meaty reads coming out between now and July 1. Eternal vigilance is the price of snagging a good book. This short novel follows the trajectory of a woman who rises from a tough childhood to become a highly successful cosmetics executive, but who begins to doubt herself after a chain of events leads her back into the past. An epic from science-fiction virtuoso and Seattle author about pioneers who escape the end of the world and about their descendants, who return 5, years later to find a radically transformed Earth. This is billed as the first comprehensive biography of our current first lady, from childhood through her Ivy League education to her position as adviser-in-chief to her husband. The renowned Seattle-area wildlife artist and naturalist recounts his 25 years of living with, studying and re-imagining owls in his art.

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