Joan didion best book to start with

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joan didion best book to start with

Where should I begin with Joan Didion? Any — Slouching Q&A

Joan Didion. Best culture of the 21st century The best books of the 21st century. Dazzling debut novels, searing polemics, the history of humanity and trailblazing memoirs Read our pick of the best books since Published: 21 Sep Top 10s Top 10 books about Hollywood. Published: 6 Mar
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Joan Didion - The Most Powerful Author in American History

Author Spotlight: Joan Didion

Joan Didion is a certain kind of hazy pink and orange — a California sunrise , or a golden hour when everything looks a bit more beautiful and strange. Didion is a household name, and not without reason. Her way of looking at the world — of place, of self, of identity, and of detail — is what makes her writing so poignant. All those possibilities. All that perfectly reconciled style. It made me afraid to put words down. There are few writers who can do nonfiction with the force that Didion can.

An idea popped in my head today. I thought, "let me write about Joan Didion. As I began bringing this idea to fruition a wave of anxiety washed over me as it often does when I realized I "had" to "rank" Joan Didion's books. Is it even possible to rank such a talented writer's work? And who am I to be the one doing it? I'm nowhere near as talented and haven't earned enough respect in the literary world to do such a thing. And while I am fearful in publishing something that feels above my pay grade, I have the wherewithal to know that this piece is a celebration, not a criticism.

Literally the Best Thing Ever: Joan Didion

Joan Didion is one of our most important living writers, one who has written so widely it can be difficult to decide where to start with her work. She has written fiction, essays, memoir, journalism, social and political commentary, and more. So where should a reader start with her? Where you start with Didion depends on what kind of writing you want to read. First, decide what kind of reading experience you want to have. There is no wrong answer here and I promise none of them will lead to a premature and gory death!

See Featured Authors Answering Questions. To answer questions about Slouching Towards Bethlehem , please sign up. It was interesting both as an historical record of America and also for the writing style which is to be admired. Write a comment I thought Slouching was a big yawn.

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  1. Maggie Grace Start with something newer, like The Year of Magical Thinking. Slouching Towards Bethlehem or The White Album are both good places to start. My favorite is Where I Was From, which is more of a book-length essay about on Netflix made by her nephew Griffin Dunne called Joan Didion: the Center Will .

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