Best political books for college students

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best political books for college students

21 books on college summer reading lists across the US in - Business Insider

Like a lot of college majors outside of STEM, political science requires a lot of reading. However, depending on your classes and major requirements, many political science majors may miss out on some of the best political science writings in the modern era. This is my personal favorite from the list. This book is an easy guide to the most important election in decades — until , that is. This is like " Game Change" cranked up to I have some specific book recommendations, but some have to be more broad: Political science itself is a fairly broad discipline, with numerous conflicting arguments on virtually every level. In many respects, political memoirs have very little purpose in the lives of everyday people.
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Seminal Books That Every Young Conservative Should Read

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From inspiring novels to frank discussions of sexuality, these are the books students wish they had read to ease the transition to university and prepare for a new stage in their academic and personal lives. Forget the piles of textbooks or the long academic reading lists; preparing for university is as much about preparing for a whole new stage of life as it is about broadening your intellectual horizons. And to help you along your journey of self-discovery, 12 students from Singapore to Germany have recommended the books — both fiction and non-fiction — that they wish they had read to help with their own transition. Covering family issues, new friends, mental health, sexuality, study strategies, independence and intellectual inspiration, these are the motivational, provocative and also comforting reads you need on your bookshelf. Do you agree with this list? Share your opinions or add recommendations in the comments. The executive director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Teena Seelig, provides personal stories of people going beyond expectations and challenging the status quo, adding her own advice about how to reach your potential when you transition to a new stage in life.

The FP staff asked me to follow suit with some of my favorites from the world of international politics and foreign policy. See also: The Books We Read in Kenneth Waltz, Man, the State, and War. An all-time classic, which I first read as a college sophomore. Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs, and Steel. Combines biology and macro-history in a compelling fashion, explaining why small differences in climate, population, agronomy, and the like turned out to have far-reaching effects on the evolution of human societies and the long-term balance of power. An exhilarating read.

A summer reading list.

Make Your Own List. Are you a teenager who is furious about the way the world seems to be going? Do you feel powerless and overwhelmed?

If you read the Intercollegiate Review , you are undoubtedly more interested in questions of philosophy and political theory than are most of your peers. And while I would never discourage budding scholars from pursuing their intellectual passions, I will say this: many young people considering political science graduate programs have a myopic view of the discipline. When I first contemplated graduate school, I took it for granted that I would be a theorist, that I would study the great texts of the classical liberal tradition, or perhaps learn to read Aristotle in the original Greek. To my surprise, however, I soon encountered the fields of political behavior and public opinion, and discovered their many great intellectual pleasures. Investigating the nature of partisanship, the logic of voting, and the evolution of public attitudes on critical subjects is no less challenging and rewarding than studying the political thought of the Founding Fathers, Machiavelli, or Rawls.

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  1. For students, books can get pretty expensive. For over half a century, it has been read by the greatest political minds all around the world.

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