Best piano books for intermediate players

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best piano books for intermediate players

Best Piano Books to Challenge & Motivate Your Students - Piano Power

I hated piano lessons when I was growing up and I never did any practice. At all. But my Dad and my older sister who was kind of like my mother because my mother had died strongly encouraged me to carry on taking lessons. I've heard Mozart's Sonata in C Major played at Carnegie Hall by Mitsuko Uchida, and it's so beautiful it's just astonishing that it's something a quasi-beginner can play. Ever since watching the movie Amadeus, I have a soft spot for Mozart, I just imagine him as he's portrayed in the movie, this cheeky genius who drives everyone mad. But if it's true that he was composing from the age 5, it makes sense that his music is quite accessible to people who are learning to play.
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My Favorite Piano Books (Non Sheet Music)

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Intermediate Piano Music

As a beginner, especially a self-taught beginner, it can be challenging to know what piano books to use. This section is dedicated to my recommendations for various levels and genres. I always recommend having 2 or 3 books per level, which roughly equates to books per year in the early stages. If not, simply look at this as a collection of great books at this level. Grade 3 marks the start of early-intermediate playing on the piano. Just like the previous videos, I share my favorite books for this level. Grade 4 is fairly similar to grade 3 — only with more difficult repertoire.

Here are my recommendations, with some updates.
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Skip to main content. Intermediate Piano Music. In Stock. I purchased this book from another vendor, but I liked it so much and have purchased so many books from Amazon that I decided to review it here for others. The only reason I bought this book was to get a copy of "Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini" for my collection. Although I am a little disappointed with this version I would like this particular piece to have more fullness and complexity , I am delighted with the book as a whole. I found numerous pieces that I can use for weddings.

Being able to play the piano is important for anybody who is serious about becoming a musician. Being able to play the keyboard is the first step to becoming a music producer and these days, it has become easy to learn. There are lots of options at your disposal ranging from in-person training, online courses to self-guided lessons. Any option that you choose will require a quality piano method book to guide you in becoming a great piano player. There are different piano method books which are recommended based on motivation, age and skill level.

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