Best books on spiritual enlightenment

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best books on spiritual enlightenment

The 12 most influential spiritual books of the past 50 years - Matador Network

We all know about the big spiritual doctrines: The Bible, The Koran, The Tibetan Book of the Dead , The Tao Te Ching , but there are other books that have the spiritual substance to split your heart wide open and cut your previously held perceptions to shreds with their sacred ruthlessness and transcendent magnanimity. Keep in mind that the books chosen are just the opinion of the author. You should in no way be limited by this short selection. There are just as many books that I could have switched out for the following that are just as deserving. The imaginal buds are to the caterpillar as the soul is to the uninitiated ego. Nature and the Human Soul is a spiritual blueprint for the healthy advancement of the human soul.
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The Top 10 Books for Spiritual Growth!

A retreat for your body, mind and spirit Unsplash. These books will set off some soul-searching - no two ways about it.

Eight Books Every Spiritual Seeker Should Read

What magic a book can hold, it can transport you to any time or any place, real or imagined, inspire and teach you almost anything about life, love and why we are here. Rather that of your personal evolution and growth of your highest self and your inner being. Though our list is in no particular order, this book is one of the most influential and on the top ten lists of many people including Oprah. Written by spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, it teaches you the power you have when you become present and live in each moment. Learn how to get out of your self inflicted suffering thoughts and find peace in your everyday life. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms of nonforgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence.

It is a compilation of all the teachings of the author himself. He is one of the greatest sages in India. His teachings are mostly about the human sufferings and how to end it. Thanks for voting! Please tell us why you like it! Please tell us why you don't like it! Thank you for sharing your experience!

To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes. To vote on books not in the list or books you couldn't find in the list, you can click on the tab add books to this list and then choose from your books, or simply search. Discover new books on Goodreads. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. This is a list on the subject that can neither be defined nor directly described - spiritual enlightenment, awakening, truth realization. Nisargadatta Maharaj.

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Similarly, the following twelve books have been largely influential for spiritual seekers all over the world. While some are more timeless than others, each will likely inspire to further your own spiritual journey. - I spent years reading through every book on meditation and spirituality that I could get my hands on. This book has sold millions of copies, I think mainly after appearing on the Oprah Show.




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