Best books for financial advisors

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best books for financial advisors

20 Must-Read Books for Financial Professionals

As an avid reader myself, I know I'm always eager to hear suggestions of good books to read, and I suspect many of you are often looking for ideas as well. Accordingly, last year I launched my first "Summer Book Reading List" that was very well received, so I'm updated it again this year at least, for those of you who are up for reading non-fiction books for fun! The edition includes a wide range, from a few books about marketing and practice management, to a couple in the realm of psychology and behavioral finance, and a few other non-fiction reads as well. I hope that you find this suggested reading list to be helpful This book by Simon Sinek was by far the most inspirational business book I read over the past year.
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Financial Professionals: Must Read Books To Improve Your Practice and Marketing

Best Books for Financial Planners

Principles: Life and Work. In his best-seller, Principles , he outlines the goal-oriented approach that brought him success, which he encourages readers to apply to their own lives. Globally acclaimed coach and trainer Daniel Collison outlines, step by step, how to create processes that will help you grow your business and retain clients. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. Nearly a century after it first went to print, this tome is still a favorite of investors the world over—full of wisdom that remains useful to this day. The Intelligent Investor.

If you know anything about me, you know that I read… a lot. I try to read at least one book every two or three days, and the majority of my reading revolves around business, self-improvement, sales, and marketing. There are just so many good reads out there. These are, in no particular order, the best books for financial advisors. Storyselling for Financial Advisors by Scott West and Mitch Anthony I remember reading this book one afternoon and not being able to put it down.

The financial world is an ever changing and complex environment. It is important as a financial professional to stay on top of trends and keep educated on the industry. There are a number of different resources available for financial advisors such as conferences and online blogs but the best way to get a deeper knowledge would be through books. We have selected some of the must-read books to grow a financial advising business. In this book, Palaveev discusses the traditional career path of a financial advisor that used to start as an insurance salesperson.

In this post, I reveal 10 of the best books for financial advisors. In fact, book #2 is one that I recommend to all of my private financial advisor clients.
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Whether you're a new financial planner looking for help setting up your practice or a seasoned veteran seeking to expand, you'll find no shortage of authors ready to help you achieve your goals. Be sure to buy the updated version published in Rattiner, a columnist for Financial Planning magazine and author of six financial-planning books, targets more experienced planners in Rattiner's Financial Planner's Bible.

For so many, the season of summer is a time of vacation and family trips, whether for some rest and relaxation or just to get away from the local heat. And the fact that clients tend to travel more during the summer means some slowdown in meetings and business activity as a financial advisor is almost inevitable. In this context, Friedman and Kapusinski share their perspective on how, exactly, to successfully work through a merger or acquisition, with Friedman having been through a sizable merger himself , and Kapusinski working as the COO responsible for operations in a sizable firm as well in addition to leading the HIFON network of advisory firm operations managers who have been through numerous merger and acquisition integrations! Building A StoryBrand Donald Miller — The traditional approach to marketing is to tell the story of yourself and your business, what you do and who you serve and perhaps why you do it , in the hopes of getting them interested in what you have to offer. And for those advisors who want even more support, Miller has 2-day StoryBrand workshops that are becoming increasingly popular with financial advisors as well! Or stated more simply, having clear OKRs helps businesses and teams to Focus figure out what really needs to be prioritized, or not , Align to get everyone marching in the same direction , Track to know when the business is on track to meet its objectives or not , and Stretch testing our limits to pull together and achieve more.

Finance obviously has no lack of gripping topics for authors to write about. Interested in leveraged buyouts and junk bonds? In , Bryan Burrough and John Helyar wrote the definitive history of these financing types when they recounted the struggle involving the leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco, a now-defunct food and cigarette conglomerate. The writers originally covered the story as reporters for The Wall Street Journal. Benjamin Graham and David Dodd wrote the "bible" of fundamental equity investing in this classic, first published in Benjamin Graham also wrote this guide to long-term investing approaches. Graham uses his book to map out and advocate for his preferred value approach to investing.

John Kador Nov 21, What did we look for in selecting the 10 best business books of ? Insights, best practices and innovations related to financial advisors and their clients. Not too many words, for who has the time? Well-written and entertaining round out the criteria. We considered books from traditional publishers as well as deserving books that were self-published.

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