Emotional intelligence book best seller

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emotional intelligence book best seller

Best Books on Emotional Intelligence - EQ Books

Skip to: Navigation Content Sidebar Footer. While a high IQ can go a long way in helping you to be successful in the world, studies are increasingly demonstrating that your EQ, or emotional intelligence, is of equal or perhaps even more importance. Whether it's sustaining personal relationships, working on a group project in college , talking with your boss, or managing your own employees, emotional intelligence plays a key role in how successful these interactions are or are not, often in ways we're not even readily aware of. If you'd like to give your EQ a boost, there are plenty of great books out there on the subject that can help teach you the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and help you through activities that will make you and those around you more emotionally healthy in your interactions. We've listed 10 of these great books here to help you get started on your emotional education. View all FAQ videos. View all blog posts.
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Daniel Goleman on Focus: The Secret to High Performance and Fulfilment

23 Best Emotional Intelligence Books That Will Change Your Life

Emotional intelligence , aka EQ your emotional quotient , is your ability to be in sync with your emotions and the feelings of those around you. Below find our guide to the top nine books about emotional intelligence. Get reading and learning. Sandella uses her innovative Regenerating Images in Memory RIM technique to show how being in touch with our emotions gets us ahead in every aspect of life. We like that she relies on real-life cases rather than taking a preachy angle.

If one of your commitments for is to read more an admirable goal , here are some suggestions for learning more about emotional intelligence. I originally published this blog post in with just four books, and those selections still hold today. Over time I have added more books, each one of which offers something different if you are interested in learning more about EQ. If you decide to buy any of these books from Amazon. This way a donation will be made at no cost to you to the charity of your choosing every time you buy.

Emotional intelligence has recently become a big focus in work and our personal lives. Instead of dividing the mind and body, emotional intelligence can also include the recognition of the physical space we take up in the world and making peace with that. From mindfulness, to inner peace, to body positivity, I hope this list of books on emotional intelligence gives you something you can latch onto to more happily take up your space in the world. She also includes advice for empaths, and overcoming trauma and addiction. A great primer for all things emotionally intelligent. Through this compassionate and empathetic workbook, psychologists Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer outline the ways in which we all beat ourselves down.

Jul 14, While not an exhaustive list, it covers what I would consider the best, most popular, and most influential books on emotional intelligence.
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Emotional Intelligence 2.0

What is a good emotional intelligence book? Which will help you understand and apply emotional intelligence? - For the first time, TalentSmart unveils its step-by-step program for increasing emotional intelligence via 66 proven strategies that teach:.

Make Your Own List. We are taught to value intelligence and academic ability, but raw mental firepower does not always translate into success at work or a life of contentment. Just as important are the skills that make up 'emotional intelligence,' says Daniel Goleman , whose bestselling book popularised the concept. Here he chooses five emotional intelligence books that explore its practical applications. Interview by Cal Flyn.

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  1. Dec 31, Often simply referred to by the title 'Emotional Intelligence,' Goleman's first book on the topic was an international bestseller. While it was not.

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