Best south african books 2018

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best south african books 2018

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For me, was dominated by news articles, thought pieces, commission outcomes and copious numbers of court judgments. Fortunately, during my travels I found the time to read leisurely on long flights and jotted down some notes from some of the books that made an impression. If you ever wanted to know how and why someone could betray a fellow comrade, this book tries to give an explanation. Set aside what you know or think you know about the current African National Congress and travel to a time when ANC comrades were fighting supposedly for the same cause. I found myself angry with the people who betrayed the movement and took the easy way out. The book is great in providing a historical account of the betrayal that besieged the ANC during its years as a banned liberation movement. It also deftly pieces together information on apartheid police brutality and its machinery.
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Africa’s must-read books of 2018

We love listening out for new books to find to fill our bookshelves. A friend's recommendation, an advert in a magazine, anything that steers us in a direction to a brilliant novel is what we are on the prowl for. We may already be in June but do not fret, as the winter months will not only have you snug with a great cuppa, but now you can also enjoy a compelling novel on the couch too. We have put together a list for you of 18 books you need to read this year. Exit West This highly anticipated novel by Mohsin Hamid is a story about love, life and struggle through the refugee narrative.

There are certain books which sit on your skin, weigh on your psyche, and meddle with your mind in a haunting and arresting way. Freshwater is one of them. Unlike other spirit children, Ada does not die young and so we witness the coming alive of these forces within her, triggered by her move to America, sexual assault, marriage and more. The multitude of identities and voices take over, sometimes collectively, other times as individuals, creating a nervous energy as we wait to see what next. Possessed or grappling with mental illness? The work of the supernatural or simply the mind?

If you're a fan of true-crime podcasts, this is for you. It chronicles a woman's decades-long obsession with a serial rapist and murderer in California in the '70s and '80s. A gripping, chilling - yet often funny - account of McNamara's quest to unmask the psychopath's identity.
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That trend continues in with the help of the internet, where young writers have found a space to write longer, deeper and more expressive pieces—even in the face of repressive regulations. The writers in this list, both at home and in the diaspora, meditate with rare clarity on some of the major issues facing our continent and beyond., June is Homebru month! Join us in our annual celebration of Great South African books this month by checking out our Homebru selection in store as well as on our website.

And, it is now almost generally accepted that the reading skills of many South Africans are poor despite the fact that a large portion of the population goes through the formal educational system. Only an insignificant part of the public can find reasons to read or buy books, a majority of South Africans rarely devote their leisure time to reading. Students are increasingly reluctant to make use of them. Nevertheless, to the insignificant portion of the South African population that still find reading useful, and to those who will love to cultivate the habit of reading, here is a countdown list of the most popular and must-read books in South Africa. Whereas the tales are of actual happenings and people from the struggle era, the story revolves around a revolutionary lady Rosa who strives to uphold the legacy of her martyred parents. This book was first published in , it became a best-selling book, and was subsequently translated into 11 languages. It is really fascinating to read about young Mark who struggled with all the devastating odds of racial segregation and poverty to triumph.

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