Best audio books for 3 5 year olds

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best audio books for 3 5 year olds

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I got hooked with a free trial of Audible. If you have a question about whether or not a book is appropriate for your kid, leave a question in comments. This great community of readers will help you out. Thank you! Great list! Our family took a road trip this last weekend 20 hours of driving total and listened to Peter Pan by J. Barrie off and on during the drive and absolutely loved it!
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The Whale Who Ate Everything: Children's Audio Books

Audible for your kids

Emboldened from a putterbike race victory against his arch-nemesis, young sunling Gustafer Yellowgold heads to Earth to cure his ultra-rare case of Ice-Cream-Cone-Heart. From my career working with kidlit to my 33 years spent living in Minnesota to my undying love of quirky alternative rock, I had more than a little bit of an inkling that this story about a Sunling would resonate with me. Sure enough, I loved it. The coming-of-age themes serve as a narrative undercurrent for a lively, playful, imaginative tale, making it one of those rare "all ages" listens that works equally well for hip parents and their kids. When Kristy Thomas has the great idea to form a baby-sitters club - a chance to earn money and spend time with her friends, all while doing something they each love to do - she has no idea how much the club will change everything.

Audiobooks can be a great learning tool for preschoolers. Some parents may wonder, however, why they should use audiobooks when they can just as easily read to their children. While not a replacement for reading a book aloud, audiobooks provide many benefits of their own, helping kids to expand their imagination and strengthen their listening, pronunciation, and comprehension skills. There are a lot of places you can find audiobooks for kids, including the library, bookstore, and online. Below are a few great stories to start your journey. This is a great example of how an audiobook can turn a printed book into something altogether different.

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