Best book for learning python reddit

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best book for learning python reddit

10 essential resources for intermediate Python programmers - Developer Tech

Python is one of the best general purpose programming languages. Entire sites like Instagram, Reddit and Mozilla have been built on it. Simplicity, clear syntax and short codes set Python apart from other high-level languages. For all you learners out there, we have compiled a list of comprehensive online Python tutorial sites that remain absolutely free. This is the website you can come back to for clarifying anything that might seem new and unfamiliar. If you prefer a modular, crash-course-like learning environment, SoloLearn offers a fantastic, step-by-step learning approach for beginners.
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Best Books to Learn Python Programming

Best Python Resources

So, you're an intermediate Python programmer. You've earned that title through coming into Python after knowing another language, or by going through Python tutorials or classes until you felt confident enough in the basics. That's great. Now, it's time to really spread your wings and really start thinking in a Pythonic way. Here are ten of my favourite resources to do just that, including fun challenges, must-read books, reference tools and projects. As the name suggests, this website highlights a single Python module each week, taking you through the practical details of the standard library. As Python itself is fairly straightforward but its libraries are famously immense , this is a nice way to get better acquainted with them without getting too overburdened.

Skip to content. February 25, at am It's one of the best ways to learn, for sure. Find all answer here. Thanks for sharing! Know Pros and cons of best book to learn Python for Data Science. Basically, you're going to go through three phases.

January 17, 3 min read. Learning Python has gone mainstream. Python presents a number of clear paths to finding meaningful work. For example, did you know Python is used by some doctors? Mattan Griffel , Columbia University professor and author of the upcoming book Python for MBAs, explains his own surprise upon learning that his friend, a neuroscientist, uses Python :.

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2. SoloLearn


I'm an enthusiastic learner who is always looking for new projects and challenges. I am deeply fascinated by machine learning and its applications in questions that affect and benefit many people. Not only Python, but also Math, Machine Learning and other concepts. However, I never created a proper overview. I will continue to add resources as I come across them and update broken links if necessary. Especially with math.

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  1. I created [PythonBooks]( as a side project. The website is a guided repository of Python books. It classifies Python books.

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