The best comic books of 2014

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the best comic books of 2014

The best comics of Graphic novels and archival editions

The year was full of noteworthy comic books, but what did best was show how the medium is rife with stuff for everybody — not just dudes who dig superheroes. There are more comics than ever for new readers, and quality ones, too. W omen and girls, who haven't always had great choices when it comes to comic-shop fare, have all kinds now, from Kelly Sue DeConnick making Carol Danvers a bigger name every month in the Marvel Universe in Captain Marvel to the oh-so-fun girl scout group taking on supernatural threats in Lumberjanes. But had all sorts of notable events for longtime fans, too. It was a year where Archie died a hero but still lives on and Peter Parker came back to web-swing once again. Comics also invaded every part of pop culture — you can't escape nightly prime-time TV without running into the likes of the huge hit The Walking Dead or new shows such as Constantine. The new year brings even more with the premieres of Agent Carter and iZombie.
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Best Comic Books of 2015

Many of last year's best comics happen to be this year's best comics as well, and preaching to the choir is a Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books Welcome to the most complex, intellectual comic from a major publisher.

The 10 Best Comic Books of 2015

In , it became clear Image Comics is the publisher to beat when it comes to monthly comic-book series. The growth of Image has forced other companies to step up their game, with Marvel and DC taking more chances on idiosyncratic titles with bold creative teams. Here are The A. And what beautiful action it is. See the, ahem, Vampire Candy Kingdom. Using the Land Of Ooo and its magical inhabitants as raw materials, North has carved out his own distinctive corner of the franchise, weaving surprisingly complex multi-part epics that still feel indelibly like the same beloved TV series—but longer and more intense, which is total maths. The Luna Brothers Jonathan and Joshua have quietly built a devoted fan base over the last decade thanks to a staggeringly consistent work ethic that has already produced a number of well-regarded projects Girls , The Sword.

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Bearing that in mind: Of the comics we did read this year, these were tops. Happy New Year! Not so much. With fantastic art from Steve Lieber that often feels like a master class in visual comedy, Superior Foes delights with its poorly planned capers and carefully planned jokes. The sheer ambition on display is staggering—in 24 issues, Spurrier and his collaborators were able to carve out something achingly personal and thematically rich in one of the most mainstream arenas in comics. More than any other writer working in mainstream cape comics right now, Jonathan Hickman is an architect.

This year was the year publishers could no longer ignore the diversity of comic readership. Marvel and DC, the two primary publishers of mainstream superhero comics, both attempted massive overhauls of their titles — which included long-awaited strides toward appealing to wider audiences, sometimes with mixed results. Taken in conjunction with the vast output of other such publishers as BOOM! After spending the second half of proving that their crazy high concept not only worked but was a huge hit, Gillen and McKelvie set about their first proper year on the series doing their best to blow it to hell. But never has there been an event like Secret Wars , which fulfills the usual need for big cosmic shifts and nostalgic callbacks in a remarkably understated way, while doubling as the long-simmering finale to the six-year tenure of writer Jonathan Hickman, who — across years of Fantastic Four and Avengers comics — crafted some of the most ambitious serial storytelling Marvel has ever seen.

The last twelve months offered comic book readers a wide variety of work ranging from the most crowd-pleasing superhero epics to the most idiosyncratic of indies, and the return of old favorites to the emergence of exciting new talent. This list was originally published in five installments, each honoring a fallen hero who was sacrificed at some point in Those posts contain original obituaries that are worth your time, but if you want to dive right into the list, it has been recompiled here for your convenience. You're welcome. From seeming genre shifts between issues to a massive time jump halfway through, the series never settled into any sort of pattern. That was true right up until the final issue, which hit in July. The series finale answered some questions What happened to Lee?

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