Best books on college teaching

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best books on college teaching

Ten books every teacher should read | Teacher Network | The Guardian

James Lee got in touch on Twitter and asked me the following:. Hi, Bonni. I enjoy listening to your podcast. Do you have a blog post on what you consider to be essential reading for pedagogy in higher education? If not, what would you consider to be essential reading for those who want to become better college teachers? I may not be operating on all cylinders this week.
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A Guide to Your First Semester of College Teaching

Ten books every teacher should read

The literature on teaching and learning is enormous; indeed, one can easily become lost in its superabundance. And while all academics are trained to read and process huge volumes of knowledge, the majority of us are already short on time and chronically behind in the literatures of our own fields. For the many among us who face such exigencies, the following represents a short list of great and thin! This list has six books on it, but if you can read only one, read Lisa M. Many of your students will be new to the university setting simply because they are first-year students; others are new to it in a more profound sense, being the first people in their families to attend college. Both these groups — and, ultimately, all of your other students -- can benefit from the teaching strategies outlined here. Lang sets out from the same premise mentioned in the introductory paragraph: no instructor has time to fully immerse themselves in the latest literature and radically reinvent syllabi from one semester to the next.

Let me make it a little easier for you. Here are six recently published books that capture what I think are the latest and most important developments and trends in college teaching and learning. Jossey-Bass, Susan A. The book provides teaching recommendations for each principle. Games merit his special attention because students find them so engaging. Although the evidence that technology actually increases learning is thin, the value of active learning is indisputable.

Listener Question: Essential Reading on Pedagogy. Do you have a blog post on what you consider to be essential reading for pedagogy in higher education? James Lang wrote a list of his top ten books on The Chronicle of Higher Education that is worth a look.
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Here are just a few of them. In this eminently readable book, Willingham takes findings from cognitive science and applies them to the classroom in a straightforward and practical way. A central claim in this book is that while we are naturally curious, we are not naturally good at thinking and can only truly think about things we know. For Nuthall, three worlds exist in the classroom. First, the public world that is largely managed by the teacher and features easily-visible lesson activities and routines. This book peels back the layers of those worlds and reveals many surprising findings. As a general model of what should happen in schools, this book has it all.

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