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best books on job bible


Of these five books, one stands out in bold relief, manifesting significant differences from the other four. That is the book of Job. The wisdom that is found in the book of Job is not communicated in the form of proverb. The setting for this narrative is in patriarchal times. In any case, at the heart of the message of the book of Job is the wisdom with respect to answering the question as to how God is involved in the problem of human suffering. In every generation protests arise saying that if God is good, then there should be no pain, no suffering or death in this world. In the book of Job, the character is described as a righteous man, indeed the most righteous man to be found on the earth, but one whom Satan claims is righteous only to receive blessings from the hand of God.
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The Holy Bible - Book 18 - Job - KJV Dramatized Audio

Who Really Wrote the Book of Job?

Part of the Jewish Encounter series From one of our most trusted spiritual advisers, a thoughtful, illuminating guide to that most fascinating of biblical texts, the book of Job, and what it can teach us about living in a troubled world. The story of Job is one of unjust things happening to a good man. Yet after losing everything, Job—though confused, angry, and questioning God—refuses to reject his faith, although he challenges some central aspects of it. Rabbi Harold S. What kind of God permits such bad things to happen to good people? Why does God test loyal followers? Can a truly good God be all-powerful?

See Important Quotations Explained. Job is a wealthy man living in a land called Uz with his large family and extensive flocks. Satan challenges God that, if given permission to punish the man, Job will turn and curse God. In the course of one day, Job receives four messages, each bearing separate news that his livestock, servants, and ten children have all died due to marauding invaders or natural catastrophes. Job tears his clothes and shaves his head in mourning, but he still blesses God in his prayers.

The Book of Job is one of the literary masterpieces of all time, and provides a profound discussion on the suffering of a just man. The date of the book is unknown. Job was called a righteous man by Ezekiel , along with Noah and Daniel. The prose Prologue Chapters One and Two and the Epilogue explain the experience of a just man tested by suffering and then restored. The Prologue and Epilogue also serve as bookends to the major poetic dialogue of the book. The book begins with the description of Job as a just and upright man. But Satan the accuser comes before the Lord, and God allows him to test Job.

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The Book of Job consists of a prose prologue and epilogue narrative framing poetic dialogues and monologues. Prologue in two scenes, the first on Earth, the second in Heaven Job 1—2. Job's opening monologue Job 3 — seen by some scholars as a bridge between the prologue and the dialogues and by others as the beginning of the dialogues , [7] and three cycles of dialogues between Job and his three friends Job chapters — the third cycle is not complete, the expected speech of Zophar being replaced by the wisdom poem of chapter 28 [8]. Two speeches by God chapters — and —, —8 , with Job's responses. The prologue on Earth introduces Job as a righteous man, blessed with wealth, sons, and daughters, who lives in the land of Uz.

Earlier this year, we began a tour of the different sections of the Bible, starting with the books of Moses. The wisdom books which number five in the Protestant canon, seven if you include Apocryphal books represent a major shift in style from the historical books that precede them. They fall into the category of Ancient Near East wisdom literature , a genre of writing that focuses on existential questions about God, humanity, Creation, and the nature of evil and suffering. Wisdom literature was produced in several different cultures in the Ancient Near East, but by far the best-known are those that found their way into the Bible canon: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs. Beyond that, the wisdom books show us that God values and responds to these myriad questions and prayers. We can take comfort that no experience in our lives, whether wonderful or terrible, can place us outside the love and understanding of a gracious God.

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