Best books on the medici

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best books on the medici

A Very Good Book about the Medici Family - Florence Forum - TripAdvisor

To learn more about Florence and Tuscany past and present, check out a few of these books and films. And see our similar lists for elsewhere in Europe. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Share. Heavily illustrated, this classic presents the architectural life of Italy from the 13th through the 16th century. The remarkable story of how the dome of Florence's duomo was designed and built. The City of Florence R.
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The Medici - Godfathers of the Renaissance 2/4 BG sub

When Art is Not Enough! Some books to feed your addiction to the Medici

One of his most famous statements is that any means are justifiable in order to achieve political ends. A Room with a View is a novel by English writer E. It tells the story of a young upper-middle class woman who leaves Edwardian England in order to visit Italy, Florence in particular, accompanied by her older cousin, Charlotte. The two women hope to get a room with a view over the Arno river in a hotel in Florence, but the room ends up being assigned to two English gentlemen, which prompts resentment on the part of the protagonists. The Medici family are so well-known that nearly everyone has heard of them, but few people know just how influential they actually were.

No matter how long I live here, I cannot get enough of the Medici. The more I learn, the more I see their stamp on every single street in Florence, or discover their echo hidden behind the many walls that hold secrets. And nor should I be, or any lover of Medici history…. Franco Cesati stands out amongst Medici writers because he is a journalist, and he applies this journalistic eye to the rise and fall of the dynasty. This excellent book gives a solid overview of the centuries of Medici power. This is fresh of the presses this year and the literary accompaniment to the new television series.

Love them or hate them, the Medicis played an important role in Florence during the Italian Renaissance. They were patrons of the arts, politicians, bankers, and rulers. Some historians have argued that the Medicis helped foster the Italian Renaissance while others have pointed out they were little more than petty despots. Regardless, the Medicis were a fascinating and important family of unique and unusual characters. Here are some books that will help you understand them better. A dazzling history of the modest family which rose to become one of the most powerful in Europe, The Medici is a remarkably modern story of power, money and ambition.

A Room with a View (1908)

Most of the bookstores in the major museums of Florence have this book:. The author is Franco Cesati. The little booklet has pages and it is lavishly illustrated.




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