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Best Marriage Books for Couples (to Read in )

Defeating Divorce. Marriage counseling books are wonderful because they allow you and your spouse to work on your issues so you can get your relationship back on track. My name is Emily and I, along with my husband John, are all too familiar with searching for the right resources to help fix a shaky marriage. Having the right marriage counseling book that we could read together, from the comfort of our own home made a HUGE difference for us. The following marriage counseling books are authored by elite authors and include some of the best selling books in their industry and online. These marriage help books offer stellar marriage advice and are perfect for couples to read together. This book is intended for stagnant couples looking to intensify intimacy, connection, and communication.
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God’s Guide for Marriage - Christian Marriage & Relationship Advice

Great books on Christian Marriage

Last Updated on September 30, Relationships can be tricky things. One minute they can be going great, and the next minute everything seems to be going wrong. Talking through problems is a great way to come to a compromise with your loved one. However, counseling has its limitations. Even if you do it once week, that is only a small amount of therapy, leaving a lot of other time to let resentment and anger build.

Marriage is not always bliss. With problems and misunderstandings, how can one keep the love burning? For over 40 years he has studied what predicts marriage breakdown and success, and these are his practical and time-tested descriptions of what keeps couples on track. Warner is a philosopher, but packs his book with stories that are both familiar and startling. His work invites readers to think deeply about their own commitments to being their best self, and to each other. This book contains the what I think are the very best research and stories to show how easy it is to shift out of honesty and become deceptive in marriage. It discusses anger, rationalization, blame, and gives suggestions on how to step back, see more clearly, and choose honesty and be authentic together.

Pick one to read on your next date night , because even the best marriages can use a tune up. Basically any relationship book by Gottman has the approval of couples therapists everywhere, but this one is arguably the best of the best. Gottman has spent his career researching marriage partnerships, and has come up with seven essential strategies to help correct behaviors that cause discord in relationships. This insightful book may help you improve your friendships, too. Of all the books about relationships and marriage, this one seems to withstand the test of time.

Al Janssen has written a book on the Good Book that tells us how a sick marriage lasting relationships, I say, study Your Marriage Masterpiece. JOHN TRENT.
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  2. THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES. What is the best way to demonstrate love to your partner? It might not be the way you think. This book is a go-to tool to enhance.

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