Best books about immigrant experience

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best books about immigrant experience

Great Books About the Immigrant Experience

The novel is broken up into stories, some told by the original Joy Luck Club members who immigrated from China, while others are told by their daughters who only know American life. It's a great novel not only about a Chinese immigrant experience, but also mother-daughter relationships. I was in tears by the end! The language used was beautiful and it kept me captivated the entire time! The main character, Giovanna, changes her name to the more 'Americanized' Jane. Her husband works for Ford Motor Company, so in addition to the immigrant experience of Jane trying to make a new life in a new country, the book also has themes of early s America. It touches on emerging technology, like telephones and mass assembly lines, as well as a slight historical aspect where it follows along with major national and world events.
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Popular Immigrant Experience Books

Rafiq and Layla came from India to America, where they raised their three children. Layla raised Hadia, Huda, and Amal with a love that none of the children ever doubted. While the children know that Rafiq loves them, too, he tries to provide them with a paternal discipline that will allow them to grow up strong in their faith and good in their hearts. As the novel opens, Hadia is getting married, finally, after rejecting for years the marriage offers her parents presented to her. Fatima Farheen Mirza has written a tale of an American family where attachments among its members are tested by internal and external pressures. She captures, in gorgeous prose, the ways in which parents come to terms with the inevitable aging of children, and children struggle to interpret gestures that parents intend in love, but which injure growing hearts. Mirza writes from multiple perspectives within the family, giving readers knowledge that family members hide from one another.

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Yep—the word may have existed before, but America was the one to really create the concept of immigration, or at least to include it in a dicitonary in As we know, we are a nation of immigrants, born as a country through it. History can be depressing, but there are some good things to look back on, too. We are a collection of amazing and unique people, with equally amazing and unique stories, perspectives, and experiences, all stemming from different places. The reasons for immigration are endless, but a dream for better futures is often one common factor throughout. Whether first or fourth generation, each immigrant story like each human story is unique in its own beautiful way, while also sharing some big, overarching similarities.

From The Joy Luck Club to Americanah, here are the books our readers It's a great novel not only about a Chinese immigrant experience, but.
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Kennedy, A Nation of Immigrants. But what does that mean to 3-, 6-, or year-old? Or the proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States. Maybe they know someone who recently immigrated to the U. More recently, my older great aunts, distant uncles, and second cousins are moving back to Korea — a boomerang-like twist on the age-old immigrant tale.

In her new memoir, Olive Witch , Abeer Y. Hoque delves into her childhood as a Bangladeshi girl growing up in small-town Nigeria, and then into her move to Pittsburgh at She describes her feeling of being an outsider, and her eventual move back to Bangladesh on her own. Hoque selects 10 titles that brilliantly depict the immigrant experience. It would be a challenge to list ten books that would be remotely representative of even just my hood. His poems are gutting, mythic, wanton, vulnerable, sharp, fine, and full of beauty. The point of view could be anyone, from Vuong himself, to his mother or father, to a gun, to a ghost.

We that aim to write these kinds of books are indebted, of course, to a wide-ranging and diverse group of authors who have provided us with invaluable works of enduring power and influence, and these are just some of the formidable books that have had a profound effect on me and how I write. Seeing Gish Jen at a reading on my college campus when I was an undergrad was a life-changing experience for me. There was such warmth and laugh-out-loud humor in her writing, and she was also such an instantly engaging person who spoke so winningly about her process. It also features the thrilling characterization of the wild Goan matriarch Aurora Zogoiby, as well as a queer-themed wedding escape scene that informed a key plot point of my new novel. Not to be shallow, but the sales success of this book is incredibly heartening to someone like me who writes fiction and works in book publishing. The writing is electrifying, the global sweep of the storytelling astonishing, but there is also a lot of downright, decidedly odd stuff afoot in this book that explores the limits of cultural propriety, sexuality, and the struggle for identity.

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